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  • How to make your eDEN blend beautifully with your garden.

    When you decide to add value to your home by expanding your space with a garden room, it’s important that it’s not only a practical choice, but that the aesthetic impact of a garden room on your outside space is a positive one.

    A core part of our company values here at eDEN Garden Rooms is that we have a sustainable, eco-efficient approach to construction, and this applies to everything, from the materials we source, to ensuring that your garden room fits seamlessly with your outdoor space, enhancing the surroundings in which it sits.

    Starting with the exterior cladding, we use red cedar timber, which not only provides a modern design and finish, but helps to blend the garden room with the natural earthy tones of any outdoor space. You can either allow this timber to fade over time into lighter, paler hues, or with some basic maintenance, keep the rich woody vibrancy of the cedar. And to bring the outside in, we have also been known to include the cedar cladding on internal walls too! Not only does it look fantastic and adds great continuity to the design, but the natural earthy cedar scent also adds a certain ambience to a room (particularly for projects such as the yoga studio below!).

    inside yoga studio with internal cedar wall 2Cedar

    If you’re looking to further connect your garden room with its natural surroundings, you may wish to consider a sedum or wildflower meadow living roof or wall, or perhaps an artificial turf roof. These abstract features are hugely popular and add a quirky edge, which changes subtly with the seasons.

    Garden gym, LondonStudio

    Sometimes, rather than blend with nature, we have to work around it, and large immovable items that we don’t want to part with (such as a tree), need to be incorporated into the design. In a recent project, we worked with our clients to cleverly design their decking to accommodate a large tree which threatened to disrupt their project build. What resulted was a unique and very stylish feature, and they are now able to continue to enjoy the shelter and privacy that this tree brings to their garden.

    Tree Decking 1   Tree Decking 2

    Finally, even with beautiful cladding and natural features like living walls, it’s of course a practical requirement for a garden room to have windows and doors! When we are designing a garden room, we always try to do so to ensure the very best use of light, and the beautiful range of aluminium doors and windows that we fit are strategically positioned to emphasise the most important feature of any garden room…the view!

    Bi-fold doors are a popular option, allowing our customers the flexibility to open up a whole facing of their new build, so that garden and garden room become one.

    Bi Fold Doors

    Whatever you’re planning for your garden, we can help to create a design that’s entirely bespoke, and truly makes the most of your outdoor space.

    Get in touch today to discuss your project on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com










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