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  • 3 reasons why working from your garden can make you happier and more productive

    For many, working from home creates the ideal work-life balance, with non-existent commutes and a relaxed, familiar environment which helps you to get work done without the usual workplace distractions.

    However, home-office set-ups can sometimes be less than ideal, and home workers are constantly seeking ways to enhance their productivity and well-being, as well as their personal comfort. If you’re a home worker who’s had enough of being crammed into a box room or balancing your laptop on the coffee table, maybe it’s time to look outside your home for the ultimate office solution.

    Working from a garden office space detached from the house can not only make your working day more productive, it might even make you happier. And here’s why:


    1. Being close to nature reduces stress

    We are always being reminded of the importance of getting outdoors and how this can positively impact our health and well-being. And although we aren’t suggesting that you should be doing your emails out on the lawn, looking out onto your garden can help to create a calmer and more creative environment. Add some glass sliding doors to help to bring the outside in!


    1. Home distractions become a thing of the past

    Whether it’s noisy family members, the home phone ringing or the contents of the fridge calling your name, with a garden office you are the perfect distance away from the home to block out all of those distractions, yet close enough to keep it practical. With a quiet space dedicated to your work away from your family life, you can enjoy a clearer distinction between the two – maybe nipping back to the house for a well-earned brew now and again!


    1. You’ll enjoy your commute again

    Maybe the reason you started working from home was due to a nightmare commute that you were happy to see the back of. However, many home workers struggle with the lack of separation between work and home. The simple action of walking out of your back door and down the garden path gets you into a productive mindset and can help you to focus – as well as giving you an invigorating blast of fresh air to get you going for the day. And when it’s time to shut shop at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy that same feeling of leaving everything behind and coming home.


    The team here at eDEN Garden Rooms are experts in designing and installing high-spec, well-equipped garden offices of all shapes and sizes. From installing your internet connection, to adding built in worktops (or even an en-suite if the house is just a little far away!), we can help design every element of your dream work space. Here are some examples of office spaces we have developed for our clients.

    Garden Office

    Garden office interior

    Garden office studio

    To discuss your project please get in touch today on 0800 0935 339


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    A stylish garden retreat in the heart of Hither Green

    Thinking about installing a tranquil garden room to transform both your garden and home? That’s exactly what our client in Hither Green was looking for when they approached us to build their stunning new garden room, completed earlier this month.

    This bright and dynamic space was built boundary-to-boundary at the bottom of a narrow garden with two side elevations. A neat and compact structure at 3.3m deep x 3.7m wide meant that we were able to take full advantage of the width of their land, whilst the set of three aluminium sliding doors looking out onto their garden adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

    From arrival on site, the eDEN team cleared the garden from an existing shed, shrubs and bricks, installed screwpile foundations and then built the full garden room from scratch. As this client’s home was a terraced property, all material came through house and the build was completed on site.

    The entire project took around 6 working days to complete, and this super-speedy build means that our client now has time to landscape their garden, adding paving steps and an artificial lawn before summer is here.

    Our client said “Aside from the obvious quality of the product, eDEN’s friendly and professional service throughout my installation was the most notable feature. 

    I have a small, urban garden with no access apart from through the house and this was approached carefully and respectfully. I was also communicated with thoroughly which required some patience given my busy lifestyle, but it has meant that precisely the space I had imagined has now been realised.”

    As you can see from the finished project, limited space certainly doesn’t mean limited style, and a light and airy garden room such as this one creates a valuable addition to any home.

    Hither Green Garden Room

    If you’re considering a garden room of your own, please get in touch to discuss your project on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com and we will get back to you.

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    eDEN Wins ‘Best of Houzz’ 2017 Award for Service

    Award season may be over, but we are absolutely thrilled to have received a 2017 ‘Best of Houzz’ award for our outstanding service.

    Best of Houzz 2017 for Service

    Andrew Small, Managing Director of Houzz UK & Ireland said “We are so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals including eDEN Garden Rooms. Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”

    Houzz is a leading platform of home renovation and design, and a partner that we are proud to work with in promoting our award-winning garden rooms. What makes this award even more special is that winners are chosen by Houzz’s 40 million+ monthly unique users in their online community, and we are extremely honored to have been selected by this fantastic audience.

    Top-class service is something that we strive to achieve on every single project that we undertake. From initial quoting, to site visits and throughout the entire operation of any build, we believe that our unique personal approach is key to so many successful high quality projects. It’s the reason that we have so many satisfied customers, and why we are an expert in our field, with over 10 years of experience in installing garden rooms.

    Here’s what just a couple of our happy clients had to say about our service:

    “eDEN have been efficient in delivering a wonderful high end product as promised.”Houzz review, March 2016

    “They were nice guys to have around, totally unobtrusive and professional. Deliveries arrived with military precision. The finished product was really exactly what we expected. Would recommend without reservation.” – Houzz review, October 2016

    “A very special thanks are due to the team onsite from eDEN who were very hardworking, professional and helpful in their work throughout the time they were on site. I would highly recommend eDEN Garden Rooms if you are looking for high quality contemporary outdoor living, relaxing or office area with a difference” – Houzz review, March 2016

    We are extremely happy to have been acknowledged for our commitment to great service, and we wear our ‘Best of Houzz’ award with pride!

    If you’re considering a garden room and are looking for a service-oriented company that you can trust, get in touch today on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com and we will get back to you.

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    It’s not too late to build your garden room in time for summer 2017!

    Spring has well and truly sprung, and with longer evenings to enjoy and the growing temptation to dust-off the barbecue, our attention turns to getting the garden ready for our favourite season.

    But, as you dig-out the lawnmower and drag the garden furniture out of hibernation, maybe it’s time to think about upgrading your summer prep and investing in a garden room that will transform your outside space into the heart of your home all year round.

    From family rooms, to offices, to home gyms, here at eDEN we have the flexibility to create the bespoke space of your dreams, so that summer isn’t the only time you’ll get to enjoy your garden. And if you thought that May was too late in the year to push the button…think again! We currently have availability for builds throughout June and July. And, with an average of just 15 days from arrival at site to completion, your garden room could be ready to enjoy whilst the sun is still shining.

    garden design Whitstable 3

    When you book with eDEN, you know you’ll experience a top-class level of service, a build of the highest spec and a truly personal touch throughout. We are experts in our field, and can guide you through the entire design and build process, with the reassurance of our 10+ years of experience in building beautiful garden rooms of all shapes and sizes.

    So, to get your garden summer-ready, give us a call today on 0800 0935 339 to chat about your project and arrange a consultation, or email info@edengardenrooms.com and we will get back to you

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    Build a Teen Den before Christmas and win a Playstation 4

    A Room for Teenagers to Relax and Chill


    Win a Playstation 4 for orders placed by 2nd November for a TEEN DEN

    Over the past year or so we have noticed a change in people’s reasons for building a garden room.  Recently, one of the most popular reason is a room in the garden for teenagers.

    The room can be set up with multi media, Xbox, Playstation 4 and TV, cinema screens to provide a much needed separate space for teenagers to have room, privacy and make noise!

    By doing this mum and dad get to claim a room back in their house and peace and quiet in their home. The new room in the garden can be multi-purpose with sofa beds for sleepovers for yet more teenagers to descend or an extra sleepover room at Christmas for family members.

    So, don’t hesitate to contact eDEN and talk about a Teen Den for your young people. The room will be a bespoke eDEN Garden Room, high specification and with all the features you would expect from a well established Garden Room supplier.  Once the teenagers fly the nest the room can be easily re-purposed to a garden office, relaxing garden studio, garden guest room or a garden gym.

    Place an order by 2nd November and be ready and built for Christmas Day.

    NB: Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, strictly first come first served basis and limited to 5 orders eligible for the Playstation 4.

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    Garden Rooms with Shed

    When considering a garden room it is often the case that people would like the garden room to go right where the shed is.  If they build a garden room in that location the question is ‘what to do with the shed contents?’.

    At eDEN we offer a smart solution whereby the garden room is combined with a shed store room.  There is a dividing wall between the two rooms so the garden room can be stunning in design and practical in functionality.  The shed room will have a cedar clad door which hides it within the overall design and adds to the stylish look of the room.

    Internally the shed is fitted with OSB, which is a strong material and you can hang hooks and shelves from it.  Practical and smart – perfect for storing garden equipment.

    So, take a look at our gallery to see pictures of bespoke garden rooms and try and spot the ones with integrated shed rooms.  We have plenty of bespoke garden rooms with sheds or bespoke garden rooms with stores.

    Also take a look at our eDEN company video, we have information and images on there about our shed store rooms.


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    Bespoke Rooms for Teenagers

    Over the past year or so we have noticed a change in people’s reasons for building a garden room.  Recently, one of the most popular reason is a room in the garden for teenagers.

    The room can be set up with multi media, Xbox and TV, cinema screens to provide a much needed separate space for teenagers to have room, privacy and make noise!

    By doing this mum and dad get to claim a room back in their house and peace and quiet in their home. The new room in the garden can be multi-purpose with sofa beds for sleepovers for yet more teenagers to descend or an extra sleepover room at Christmas for family members.

    So, don’t hesitate to contact eDEN and talk about a Teen Den for your young people.  Place an order in October and be ready and built for Christmas time.

    garden-office-dundonald-road internal-garden-room-with-cinema1 internal-garden-room-with-cinema2 internal-garden-room-with-cinema3

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    Planning Permission Required for Flat Owners

    5m x 3.3m garden office with internal store room

    Many UK properties have permitted development rights, meaning that you can build a garden room without needing to go through the planning process. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule – notably flats!  If you are the proud owner of the freehold garden linked to flat (perhaps it is a Victorian house converted to flats) then you can’t automatically build a garden room. You will need planning permission.  However, over the years we have enabled a number of customers to gain planning and create a fabulous addition to their living space.  Most recently a customer in Herne Hill…

    Our customer live in a fabulous flat in Herne Hill and wanted to expand their living space into the garden.  However, the garden had been awfully neglected by previous owners and needed quite of a lot of preparing before a garden room could be built.  Whilst the garden was being cleared, dug down and levelled, eDEN got underway with the planning application.  It need planning because flats do not have permitted development rights and the property was also in a conservation area.  After six weeks the planning application was granted and eDEN were ready to get on with the build.

    Whilst the garden was dug down and levelled it still had a natural slope.  Therefore decking steps were designed into the garden room to enable a smooth transition into the space.  The eDEN garden room will be used as an office and features an internal cupboard for storage, bi folding doors, a little window at the rear for ventilation and our standard cedar cladding balanced with aluminium fascias, windows and doors.  The decking steps are a hardwood called Balau and its deep red colour complements the red cedar, providing a stunning garden room proud in its garden setting.

    A little note from the eDEN team – we are not planning advisors and recommend that you seek independent planning advice when considering a garden room.  We can help you with a planning application and provide a ‘planning administrative service’ whereby we will complete and submit your planning application on your behalf.


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    Why eDEN is a leading garden room supplier

    cedar clad garden room

    Garden Gym

    There are now a number of garden room suppliers in the UK, giving consumer a varied a wide choice to suit their style and budget.

    Choosing a garden room supplier can be daunting and there are lots of considerations that consumers work through.


    When choosing a garden room budget is obviously a big consideration but we have found that our customers choose eDEN because of the added value we bring to their garden room journey.

    • Established company with enviable track record
    • Bespoke designs which can be adapted to suit dimensions or room requirements
    • Design service works with customers to develop a garden room which is perfect for them
    • High Specification fixtures and fittings
    • Complete service from foundations through to painting
    • Project management of whole garden room build, including running electrics from house to garden room
    • Underfloor heating, plastered and painted.  If required, integral cupboards, shower rooms, eco toilets, kitchens, saunas etc
    • Ability to work closely and develop ideas with industry leading garden designers and interior designer
    • High level of attention to detail
    • Small team of industry professionals who manage each project personally
    • Direct contact with the Directors/decision makers within the business

    Garden Room with Sauna

    Our Summer 2014 customers had this to say about our garden rooms and our team…

    ‘I’m extremely happy with the Garden Room and service I’ve received, you and Steve have‎ a great company and Team to deliver such a beautiful  building.’

    SH from Northwood, Middlesex

    ‘Thank you very much for everything. It has been such a pleasure doing business with you – your guys were great and I love the final product. Lots of my friends are green with envy and I hope that translates into some more business for you in due course!’

    CK from Kingston-Upon-Thames

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    eDEN Launches Sunken Trampoline Installers Business

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new business, eDEN Sunken Trampolines.

    eDEN Sunken Trampoline Suppliers & Installers

    After spending many hours in gardens building garden rooms we noticed that garden views were often obscured by large trampolines. Also we noticed that when there wasn’t an enclosure or the enclosure was not zipped up correctly the children were risking injury.

    Then we had a lightbulb moment and realised that sinking the trampoline would not only be much more aesthetically pleasing but also loads of safer! We spent many hours researching and viewing trampolines and eventually found this fantastic solution which has been developed in USA.

    eDEN Sunken Trampolines

    Outstanding quality trampoline KIT which reduces amount of earth removed.

    • Clever, Unique Trampoline Kit
      Trampoline Kit includes robust trampoline, integrated retaining wall, vented pads to protect the springs and allow air release.
    • Can be installed in one day by eDEN Sunken Trampolines Installers.
    • Average install cost £800 – £1000 + VAT plus cost of disposing or re-distributing earth
    eDEN Sunken Trampolines
    Installed by eDEN Sunken Trampolines to minimise ground removed

    See how deep the hole needs to be. Much less than sinking a traditional trampoline.

    Visit our website www.edensunkentrampolines.com for more information

    Call 0800 0935 339 for a chat about your garden and practicalities of sinking a trampoline.


    eDEN Sunken Trampolines

    eDEN Sunken Trampolines

    Copyright © 2014 eDEN Garden Rooms, All rights reserved.

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