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  • Enjoy a relaxing Spa Break for two, courtesy of eDEN Garden Rooms

    Tis the season for cosy nights in, chilling out and relaxing before the madness of Christmas approaches. And what better way to relax and unwind than with a luxury spa night away for two in the British countryside, which is exactly what the team here at eDEN are giving away to every customer who confirms their eDEN order from today until 31st October 2017*.


    And it’s not just this fabulous extra reward that makes now the ideal time to get your garden room build booked. Autumn is the perfect time to plan and build your dream garden room, so that it’s ready for your family to use this Christmas and New Year – a time when a family home can really benefit from some extra space!

    Whether you want to create a cosy guest room to cater for your in-laws, a family room to snuggle up and watch Christmas films, or a brilliant storage facility for presents, food, drink and other festive goodies, now is the time to speak to eDEN Garden Rooms about creating your own beautiful bespoke room.


    And what’s more, when the first signs of Spring start to stir, you’ll have a head-start on getting your garden looking perfect for summer barbeques, garden parties and balmy evenings sat on your new decking with a glass of wine in hand. In fact, your eDEN will quickly become the most versatile room in your home, and you’ll soon start to wonder how you ever lived without it!

    So, get in touch with the eDEN team today and you could be looking forward to a relaxing and luxurious overnight spa stay (including breakfast, dinner and a treatment!) and enjoying the brand-new bespoke garden room of your dreams. Call us on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com.


    *Offer applies to all orders confirmed between 6th -31st October 2017 with 25% deposit received.  Pre-Xmas build dates are subject to availability. If Pre-Xmas dates are fully booked then customer will be offered next available build date. Read our full Terms & Conditions for eligability criteria and full Spa Break details.


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    Autumn is the perfect time to plan your garden room for Christmas, New Year and beyond!

    It starts with back-to-school, but all of a sudden we’re talking about Halloween, bonfire night and, before you know it, even Christmas! And, once the festive period is upon us, family life becomes busier than ever and it’s a whirlwind of events right through to New Year. That’s why it may not surprise you to hear that now is the perfect time to plan and build your dream garden room, so that it’s ready for Christmas and New Year – a time when a family home can really benefit from some extra space.


    Whether it’s to create a private guest room to cater for your in-laws, a family room to snuggle up and watch Christmas films, or a brilliant storage facility for presents, food, drink and the copious amounts of, well, everything that seems to fill our homes around the festive period, now is the time to speak to eDEN Garden Rooms about creating your own beautiful bespoke room.

    And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear how quickly your garden room could be ready for the celebrations. Following a site visit and once you’ve placed your order, your garden room could be being built in just 6 weeks’ time! And with a build time averaging just 15 days once we are on site, in no time at all you could be watching fireworks with a hot chocolate from your very own cosy and snug eDEN!

    Blog 2

    And what’s more, when the first signs of Spring start to stir, you’ll have a head-start on getting your garden looking perfect for summer barbeques, garden parties and balmy evenings sat on your new decking with a glass of wine in hand. In fact, your eDEN will quickly become the most versatile room in your home, and you’ll soon start to wonder how you ever lived without it!

    So, with Christmas approaching, now’s the ideal time to think about your home and garden space for the coming year, and to get your garden room order booked so you can relax and enjoy the festivities of the coming seasons.

    Call eDEN Garden Rooms today on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com to request a brochure and book your site visit.



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    Earn money and add value to your home with a garden annex holiday let

    Most people are already well aware of the value that building a garden room can add to a property. However, more and more people are now taking advantage of the growing holiday rental market (with the likes of Airbnb making it possible for almost anyone to let a holiday property), and are now building garden rooms or annexes to rent out. This is a clever way to add value to your home, whilst using the money earned to pay for your investment.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why building a garden room for holiday lettings is a great decision for your property, and your bank account…!


    1. It’s the perfect set-up for both yourself and potential guests

    Situated at the bottom of your garden, a separate dwelling provides both you and your guests with the privacy you need, whilst allowing you to be close enough to be on hand should they need any assistance.

    By including a kitchenette and wet room (plus any other facilities your guests may need such as internet connection), there’s no reason for your guests to need access to your house at all. And, if your property has side access to your garden, this could be used as a guest entrance, so your household space is kept totally private. You can even have a key safety box installed so they can check themselves in and out without the need for you to be home.

    If you live in a popular city, area of natural beauty or tourist hotspot, you can make the most of marketing your garden annex in a prime location, and allow your rental rate to reflect this.

    Granny annex


    1. Rent-a-room tax free allowance has risen to £7,500!

    By signing up to the rent-a-room scheme, you not only make money on your rental, but you are also eligible to earn up to £7,500 per year, tax free.

    Remember, before you decide to proceed that being part of the scheme means that you are not able to claim any expenses related to the letting. You should therefore make sure that you do some calculations beforehand on any possible maintenance and general upkeep that may be required, to check whether you’d be better-off financially in or out of the scheme. Read more about the pros and cons of the scheme, and the eligibility criteria.

    Before you take a lodger in, you should always check with your mortgage provider and home insurer to make sure that you are keeping within the terms of any existing contracts. If you rent, you’ll also need to check that your lease allows you to take on a lodger.


    1. It couldn’t be easier to use a third party to promote and protect your property

    Third party websites such as Airbnb make it easy to list, manage and protect your property, and make setting-up as a holiday let an simple and low risk process.

    Airbnb for example will list your property for free, giving you a suite of tools and advice along the way to make sure you’re pricing, promoting and marketing your property in the best way possible. You can set your own price, and the terms of your let can be totally flexible depending on your set-up – varying from having plenty of interaction with your guests during their stay, to almost none!

    Payment is also managed by them (with a 3% service fee from your rentals going to them for the service) and they will also provide the insurances and guarantees to make sure that your property is protected. Read more about how Airbnb work and the terms of their agreements.


    1. Your garden room pays for itself!

    With the current financial climate, more and more people are deciding against moving to a new house, and are instead looking at ways to add value and space to their current home. Investments such as garden rooms can be an excellent way to add a highly functional space to your home, but naturally they come with some upfront investment.

    By renting out your garden room, you may be able to cover the cost of your investment with the money you earn, whilst being able to enjoy all the benefits of having your very own garden room when you don’t have lodgers (which you can manage via your Airbnb account, so that you can make sure it’s available when you need it too!).

    The result: you gain a fantastic home improvement which will add value to your home and enrich the lifestyle of you and your family, whilst earning you money. What’s not to like!?

    Untitled design (14)

    1. Let eDEN’s experience guide you through your project

    As an ‘independent separate dwelling’ that is to be let out to people outside of your main household dependency, it is likely that you will need to obtain planning permission in line with government guidelines.

    Here at eDEN Garden Rooms, we have over 10 years’ experience in building garden rooms of all kinds, and therefore can provide helpful planning tips and information for your project. We also provide a Planning Administration Service, which is available at a fee. As we are garden room experts, not planning consultants, we would always recommend that clients seek independent planning advice to ensure that the project adheres to all requirements.

    As your new guest annex will be used for overnight accommodation, you will also require full building regulations. eDEN can work with you and a building control engineer to ensure the building complies to the regulations required.

    Another consideration that you may need to take into account is that the local authority may require you to sign a 106 legal document preventing the room being rented commercially (i.e. as an office space) or sold as a separate dwelling. There can also be implications in terms of capital gains tax if you wish to sell your home and it is seen as a commercial property, so it’s important that you make sure all your paperwork is in place.

    From plumbing requirements, to internet connection, to landscaping, the team here at eDEN can advise and help you along the way to create a beautiful and practical bespoke garden room that fits the needs of you and your guests perfectly.

    If you’re thinking about building a garden annex to rent out as a holiday let, get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your project and request a brochure on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com

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    A fantastic family room in Teddington

    We have recently completed this lovely garden room in Teddington, which is to be used as a second family room/lounge. Nestled at the bottom of their garden, away from their busy family home, this build also has the added benefits of a storage room and toilet for maximum functionality.


    As our client needed their garden room to be 3m in height, the project required planning permission which the eDEN team helped to obtain. The room was designed to be at least 1m from all boundaries, and due to this, planning permission was successfully granted without any amendments.

    Before the build could begin, the eDEN team spent an initial two days clearing the site of trees and shrubs and levelling the ground, to create a clear environment for build to take place.



    The 7m x 4.7m garden room features a 4-door bifold which leads out onto a generous 1.5m x 4.7m decking area at the front. Inside, the main sitting room benefits from a skylight in the roof which floods plenty of natural light into the middle of the room, creating a bright and airy space. The western red cedar cladding on the exterior gives a warm natural finish, which works beautifully with the large decking area and surrounding shrubs and hedges.

    IMG-20170824-WA0009 IMG-20170824-WA0007

    To the rear of the building sits a separate store room and eco toilet, which makes this garden room even more practical for family life. Eco toilets such as these are a fantastic way to include a toilet within your garden room, without the complications and budget implications that linking to sewer systems or septic tanks can often create. They are also much more environmentally friendly, saving huge amounts of water whilst maintaining a safe and sanitary environment with very low maintenance (and no smell!).


    Our happy customers, Catherine and Andrew, said

    “From helping with the planning permission due to the raised height of the room to advising on the size, shape and layout to helping clear the site to hitting every deadline eDEN were faultless. What’s more the crew were brilliantly hard working as well as fun but professional to deal with – no problem was too much hassle and always done with a smile. Perhaps most importantly we are delighted with the finished room that has been made more special by the fact that we had no bad experiences along the way (as we have with other building projects).

    We would thoroughly recommend eDEN to anyone contemplating a Garden Room – in fact we already have !”

    If you are thinking about adding space and value to your home with a family-friendly garden room, please get in touch with our team today to discuss your project on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com.


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    An outdoor office in Richmond with amazing artificial grass

    We have just completed a lovely new garden office build in Richmond, and were thrilled to be including for the first time our brand new artificial grass product to the roof of our client’s new build. As you will see from our gallery, a living roof is not new to us and we have finished many garden rooms with effective sedum or wildflower meadow roofs in the past. But due to its low maintenance and year-round luscious finish, artificial grass roofs (and landscaping for that matter) are gaining in popularity, and we can see why!

    Artificial Grass Turf Roof

    This neat garden room stands at 5m x 3m, and was designed as an office space away from the home. Uniquely, as well as a hidden side door for a storage compartment, this client cleverly included a second rear set of aluminium doors, to provide secondary access from the back path. This extremely practical feature adds even more functionality to the garden office, providing it with its own private point of access.

    Originally planning on adding a sedum or wildflower meadow roof, this client decided to proceed with artificial turf due to its evergreen appearance and very low maintenance requirements, but also due to the fact that unlike sedum or wildflower, artificial grass requires no planning permission, since no re-enforced roofing is required. With the top of the garden room very visible from the higher floors of their three-storey home, this helps to provide year-round pleasant views of their garden.

    Our happy client Kathy, who contacted us about her project following recommendations from two friends who have been recent customers of ours, said:

     We are delighted with our new eDEN garden room.  We are particularly pleased with the artificial turf roof, which makes for a great outlook from the upper floors of the main house.  The extra space we have gained is fantastic, whilst still maintaining a good garden space.”

    Get in touch with the friendly eDEN team today to discuss your project, or to find out more about our new artificial turf roof finish. Call us on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com to request a brochure.

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    How to make your eDEN blend beautifully with your garden.

    When you decide to add value to your home by expanding your space with a garden room, it’s important that it’s not only a practical choice, but that the aesthetic impact of a garden room on your outside space is a positive one.

    A core part of our company values here at eDEN Garden Rooms is that we have a sustainable, eco-efficient approach to construction, and this applies to everything, from the materials we source, to ensuring that your garden room fits seamlessly with your outdoor space, enhancing the surroundings in which it sits.

    Starting with the exterior cladding, we use red cedar timber, which not only provides a modern design and finish, but helps to blend the garden room with the natural earthy tones of any outdoor space. You can either allow this timber to fade over time into lighter, paler hues, or with some basic maintenance, keep the rich woody vibrancy of the cedar. And to bring the outside in, we have also been known to include the cedar cladding on internal walls too! Not only does it look fantastic and adds great continuity to the design, but the natural earthy cedar scent also adds a certain ambience to a room (particularly for projects such as the yoga studio below!).

    inside yoga studio with internal cedar wall 2Cedar

    If you’re looking to further connect your garden room with its natural surroundings, you may wish to consider a sedum or wildflower meadow living roof or wall, or perhaps an artificial turf roof. These abstract features are hugely popular and add a quirky edge, which changes subtly with the seasons.

    Garden gym, LondonStudio

    Sometimes, rather than blend with nature, we have to work around it, and large immovable items that we don’t want to part with (such as a tree), need to be incorporated into the design. In a recent project, we worked with our clients to cleverly design their decking to accommodate a large tree which threatened to disrupt their project build. What resulted was a unique and very stylish feature, and they are now able to continue to enjoy the shelter and privacy that this tree brings to their garden.

    Tree Decking 1   Tree Decking 2

    Finally, even with beautiful cladding and natural features like living walls, it’s of course a practical requirement for a garden room to have windows and doors! When we are designing a garden room, we always try to do so to ensure the very best use of light, and the beautiful range of aluminium doors and windows that we fit are strategically positioned to emphasise the most important feature of any garden room…the view!

    Bi-fold doors are a popular option, allowing our customers the flexibility to open up a whole facing of their new build, so that garden and garden room become one.

    Bi Fold Doors

    Whatever you’re planning for your garden, we can help to create a design that’s entirely bespoke, and truly makes the most of your outdoor space.

    Get in touch today to discuss your project on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com










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    We can build your eDEN quicker than you may think!

    A garden room can add so much to a home – a social space for family and friends, a professional base for work, or simply a room far away from it all for some peace and quiet. And for all the great benefits that a garden room can bring, you may assume that the process to create one of these beautifully designed rooms will take a long time. We are pleased to say that this isn’t the case with eDEN Garden Rooms!

    We are experts in our field, and have been building garden rooms for all manner of purpose for the last 10+ years. This experience allows us give you the best possible professional service and a wonderfully high-spec product in an attractive time frame. Following a site visit and once you’ve placed your order, your garden room could be being built in just 6 weeks’ time! And with a build time averaging just 15 days once we are on site, in no time at all you could be sat enjoying the late summer sunshine from the comfort of your own bespoke eDEN.

    So, when Autumn and Winter are finally upon us (although we’ll try not to think about that for now), you’ll still be able to make great use of your outdoor space in your very own cosy garden room.


    Our friendly and professional team are currently taking bookings for builds throughout August and September. To make the most of your garden all year round, get in touch today to discuss your project or arrange a site visit on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com.


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    A beautiful garden hideaway in Bushey, Hertfordshire

    When planning a garden room, it is common to question how it may impact on your outside space. After all, gardens are precious and everyone wants to make the very best of the space available to them.

    But as you can see from this delightfully bright garden room in Bushey, Hertfordshire, with a beautiful and well-thought-out design, a garden room can blend seamlessly with your outside space creating a stylish feature and often providing a greater sense of depth.

    Bushey, Hertfordshire

    This 5.3m x 3m family room sits proudly and centrally across the back of our clients’ garden, with bi-fold doors to create a feeling of fluidity between the garden room and their outdoor seating area. As part of the design, we also incorporated a hidden storage shed to the right-hand side, meaning that any garden items that were previously stored in the shed still had a home. This is a great solution if your garden room is going to sit where your shed used to be.


    Hertfordshire Case Study 3

    The intention for this design was to create extra living space for the family, and our client, Jilly, said “We love our garden room and we use it constantly. It hasn’t made our garden feel any smaller, in fact it seems bigger!”

    If you’re planning a similar project to make more use of your garden, get in touch with the eDEN team today for a chat 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com.

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    A spacious home gym in Esher, Surrey

    We’ve all made resolutions to get fitter and work out more, but sometimes just getting to the gym can be a huge part of the struggle (not to mention the dread of peak-time crowding and endless queues for machines!). It therefore comes as no surprise that more and more people are opting to ditch the pricey gym membership and start working out from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    But if you don’t have enough space for all the equipment you need to keep yourself in shape, it could be time to look out into your garden for your new workout retreat. That’s just what our latest client in Esher, Surrey did when planning his brand-new home gym, which we completed this month.

    This spacious build stands at 5.5m x 4m, and features a four door bi-fold which provides lovely views of an expanse of leafy garden (much better than looking at the back of someone else’s head during a workout!). With gym machinery, weights and the probability of plenty of jumping around all anticipated, the team here at eDEN installed reinforced flooring throughout, so no damage would be caused during those intense workouts. Since there was no side access on this property, all materials were bought carefully through the house, and everything was built on-site in the garden.


    Esher Surrey Garden Room Esher Surrey

    Not only is this a brilliantly functional room which will get loads of practical use, it also looks fantastic. Our client, Simon, couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome saying “Thank you for our garden room. We love it!”

    Esher Surrey Garden Gym

    If you’re thinking of a gym for your own home, remember that we can always add those extra touches such as a shower room, sauna, or even surround sound speakers and acoustic upgrade so you can really crank up those motivational gym tunes!

    Get in touch today to discuss your project on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com


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    Join our growing eDEN team

    Things have pretty busy here over at eDEN HQ, and due to business expansion we require additional installation teams based in the South East of England.

    Ideally we are looking for teams of two installers with carpentry and general building skills. Training in specific eDEN skill sets will be provided.

    To apply, please email info@edengardenrooms.com with your CV and examples of work.

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