• Multi Function Room

    Perfect solution if you need extra space to work, rest or play.
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  • High Spec

    Excellent fixtures & fittings with outstanding eco credentials.
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  • Eco Efficient

    Snug in the winter, cool in the summer.

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  • Bespoke Designs

    Your garden room, your choice

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  • Garden Office, Garden Studio, Garden Room

    If you are thinking of working from home, an eDEN garden office provides you with a secure, quiet, well equipped office space well away from the noise and interruption of family life.  You can ‘lock up and leave’ safe in the knowledge that your eDEN is made to be durable and long lasting for years’ of future use.

    eDEN is a garden office which truly is suitable for year round use.  Every garden room will have high specification insulation in the walls, ceilings and floor plus underfloor heating as standard.  Anything less and you are paying a fortune to heat the garden whilst you suffer from the British weather.

    The walls are plastered and finished, painted in white or magnolia – making sure your garden room is an extension of your home, a pleasant place to work where you feel inspired to spend the day (or evening!).  Anything less and it’s a glorified shed!

    eDEN makes a perfect space for a home office, artist studio, music studio, games room, guests suite.

    The increase in homeworking has led to a boom in Garden Offices and the movement called Shedworking – where people are using the space in the garden to reduce their daily commute to ZERO!

    In fact eDEN is so well built it can be adapted to all sorts of different lifestyle choices, contact us with your ideas and let us know what you are thinking.