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  • Autumn is the perfect time to plan your garden room for Christmas, New Year and beyond!

    It starts with back-to-school, but all of a sudden we’re talking about Halloween, bonfire night and, before you know it, even Christmas! And, once the festive period is upon us, family life becomes busier than ever and it’s a whirlwind of events right through to New Year. That’s why it may not surprise you to hear that now is the perfect time to plan and build your dream garden room, so that it’s ready for Christmas and New Year – a time when a family home can really benefit from some extra space.


    Whether it’s to create a private guest room to cater for your in-laws, a family room to snuggle up and watch Christmas films, or a brilliant storage facility for presents, food, drink and the copious amounts of, well, everything that seems to fill our homes around the festive period, now is the time to speak to eDEN Garden Rooms about creating your own beautiful bespoke room.

    And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear how quickly your garden room could be ready for the celebrations. Following a site visit and once you’ve placed your order, your garden room could be being built in just 6 weeks’ time! And with a build time averaging just 15 days once we are on site, in no time at all you could be watching fireworks with a hot chocolate from your very own cosy and snug eDEN!

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    And what’s more, when the first signs of Spring start to stir, you’ll have a head-start on getting your garden looking perfect for summer barbeques, garden parties and balmy evenings sat on your new decking with a glass of wine in hand. In fact, your eDEN will quickly become the most versatile room in your home, and you’ll soon start to wonder how you ever lived without it!

    So, with Christmas approaching, now’s the ideal time to think about your home and garden space for the coming year, and to get your garden room order booked so you can relax and enjoy the festivities of the coming seasons.

    Call eDEN Garden Rooms today on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com to request a brochure and book your site visit.



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