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More and more we are being asked to create spaces that combine a profession and a passion. This bespoke yoga studio is a fantastic example of just that, and shows how a garden room can not just add value to your business, but also bring a lifelong dream to reality.

Our lovely client contacted us with a vision of bringing her yoga classes closer to home. She was currently renting a space in a village hall, but had always dreamed of creating a more suitable zen-like space in her own home, where she could host small private classes and also practice her own yoga. With an unused space at the bottom of her garden which housed some old decking, built some time ago by her teenage sons, we were briefed to turn this neglected patch of garden into the perfect peaceful yoga retreat.

Yoga Studio London eDEN Garden Rooms

Having imagined this space for so long, this client had a clear vision for her garden yoga studio and was very involved in the design process. We love when clients work with us to bring an idea to life, but equally, if you have no idea how you’d like your garden room to look, our talented garden room design team are always happy to take the lead and show you various design options. Why not take a look at our gallery to see the range of different garden room styles we have designed for our customers.

The bespoke yoga garden studio in London stands at 7.3 x 4.3m. As it was built over 2 meters from each boundary, we could go a little higher than our usual 2.5 meters height without the need for planning permission. This means internally the height was 2.4m, giving a greater sense of space and light, the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing yoga class.

Yoga studio with wooden flooring eDEN garden rooms

Realising the importance of having a simple room with few distractions, we designed a dividing wall near to the entrance, with no door, so yoga students had a space to leave their bags and coats out of sight, creating a clutter-free environment. This recess is also used for storage of yoga matts and other equipment, leaving the studio a beautiful tranquil space. We are well-versed in designing garden rooms with storage, and will always find a clever solution to your storage needs

Yoga garden room storage

If you’ve got a vision to build a tailor-made garden room for a hobby, passion or profession, get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss your project in more detail.



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