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This beautiful boundary-to-boundary bespoke garden room in Whitstable was designed by the experienced eDEN Garden Rooms team to perfectly suit our client’s unusual business venture. When you have a business that requires a very specific office layout (and in this case, enough power sockets to run multiple screens at one time), you need a specialist garden room designer who can rise to the challenge. So, when our client, who runs a pilot training facility from their garden room office in Kent, got in touch, we jumped at the chance to help design his perfect space.

Whitstable Garden Office - eDEN

The first job for the eDEN Garden Rooms team was to clear the existing site, removing a shed (which would be replaced by a garden room with integrated shed store) and prepare the land for the build, installing sturdy screw pile foundations for the timber frame to be built upon.

This 7 x 3m structure sits across the back of a large garden, with the new tailor-made garden office filling the entire boundary-to-boundary width. We designed a space that allowed plenty of light (with a large sliding door, plus a vertical window to the left-hand side) and a large shed store to the left elevation to replace the previous garden shed.

Garden Office Interior Whitstable - eDEN Garden Rooms

The most important feature for this garden room in Whitstable was the inclusion of a hidden floor-socket, since this space was to be used as a training facility, and multiple screens and electronics would need to be plugged-in and functioning at the same time. This floor socket cost our client an additional £200 (+VAT) for the box, but is a worthy investment in our client’s business, and neatly allows all the wires to be hidden away safely beneath desks.

Floor socket in garden office - eDEN Garden Rooms

Our client said…

“Our eDEN has given us a much-needed office space and transformed the look of our garden! Rachel makes sure that everything is extremely well managed and delivered on time, and the whole team are very hard working and professional. Thank you eDEN, we love our new Garden Room.”

If you’re looking for a garden office in Kent, or anywhere in the South East, and have a unique design or function in mind, get in touch with eDEN’s experienced team of garden room design specialists on 0800 0935 339to discuss your project in more detail, and to arrange a site visit.


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