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It’s always great to get a glowing review from any customer, but it’s truly fantastic to get a call from an existing customer who is moving house and wants us to install another garden room in their new property. There’s no endorsement like it, and knowing that nearly 10 years later their love for their eDEN garden room is still going strong is a really great feeling.

Mark was one of our earliest customers when eDEN Garden Rooms was established, and had his first garden office studio built back in 2012, from which he has spent the last 9 years running his successful sliding wardrobe business. When it was time to move house in 2020, Mark knew that he couldn’t survive without a garden office, so contacted eDEN to coordinate his second project. And we were only too happy to help!

Mark had a really clear idea in his mind of the design for his new garden room in Warlingham, Surrey, and we helped to bring that vision to life with plenty of personal touches. Mark really liked the idea of a garden room with cedar wood and black aluminium windows, so we designed the canopy surround in wood rather than aluminium to maximise the contrast, and the finished look is very striking and modern.

close up of cedar cladding on a garden office in Surrey - eDEn Garden rooms

Although Mark’s first garden room featured bi-folding doors, this time they decided to opt for sliding doors, preferring the uninterrupted glass aesthetic that they provide. They also decided to switch from our standard underfloor heating to a combi aircon and heating system to give the option of cooler air in the Summer if needed (also a popular option for garden gyms). As with his original garden office, we of course included an alcove for Mark to install his own wardrobe space designed by his company Sliding Wardrobe World.

As there was no side access at the property, our team needed to bring all the materials through the house. This can only be done when we have a clear, straight path through from the front door to the back, and luckily, after a video call we were able to confirm that the access was suitable and we could go ahead with the build.

Mark said “we first appointed eDEN for our original garden room for a number of reasons; the main factors being the high spec and the ability to build bespoke. Our old garden was an irregular shape, so an off-the-shelf rectangular design just wouldn’t make the best of the space and we wanted as much internal footage as possible in our studio. We loved eDEN’s high spec, and although we never needed to call on them, knowing that they would be on hand if we had any snagging issues to follow-up was really reassuring. After 9 years the garden room was still pretty much still as built in 2012! We kept in touch with Rachel and Steve, and when we decided to move house it was an easy choice to go back to eDEN for our second garden room

As Mark was moving into a new house, we had to work closely with him and be as flexible as possible. As with many house moves, things don’t always go to plan, and it was very important to Mark to get the garden studio built as soon as possible after moving.

It’s essential for a supplier to be as flexible as possible when you are moving house. Having always worked from a garden office, I even found working in the house during the 2 weeks for build a challenge. It’s clear how much more productive I am working from my garden studio. After 9 years it’s just how we are used to working and luckily the eDEN team were on site just a couple of days after we got the keys, so it wasn’t long before I was back in my normal work environment again.”

We also asked Mark what it was like selling a house with an existing eDEN Garden room, and he said it made the house easier to sell without a doubt. We had a testing time moving and, in the end we sold our house three times, but each time we had found a new buyer within days and with the pandemic a ready-to-go-garden studio was clearly a big draw for prospective buyers.”

Beautiful bespoke cedar and black aluminium garden office in Surrey - eden garden rooms

Mark tells us that he is so pleased with his new garden studio that he is even considering commissioning another in the future, depending on space. There’s no more glowing endorsement than a customer who is already considering their third purchase!

To summarise, here is a round-up from Mark about his eDEN experience:

“This is the second garden room from eDEN. I was one of their early customers, and just moved house, so we went straight back to them again after 10 years use of the first version. I was very happy with the quality 10 years ago, and it looks as though they have become even more proficient on the detailing in the last 10 years. VERY, VERY happy. Still a small enough company to give you what feels like a personal service, whilst being large enough to offer the best design and specification. Complete in less than 2 weeks by a team who really knew what they were doing. They had difficult access, everything having to go through our house, but they took great care and were a pleasant bunch to have around for 2 weeks. Prices have gone up, but that’s understandable given that everyone wants one of these at the moment, and the quality of the materials and workmanship involved. Was particularly impressed by the screw piles, which are an improvement over previous foundations in my opinion. Currently looking at planning permission for a third purchase for the front of the house. 5 Stars without a doubt.”


Head over to our Reviews page on our website for more feedback from eDEN customers. If you’ve got an idea for a garden room space, the team at eDEN can help. Call us on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com to discuss your project in more detail.

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