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Enlisting the services of a garden room supplier with such a wealth of experience means that if your site encounters added complications (in the case of this project, a sloping garden and difficult path for power) the team is ready with solutions that are both time and cost effective.

The first enquiry for this modern garden room in Barnet, Hertfordshire, was made in September 2020, and after consideration and working alongside the design team to finalise the proposal, construction began in April 2021. The room has been designed to let in lots of light, featuring a set of French doors with symmetrical floor-to-ceiling windows on either side, plus a second set of full-length windows on the right elevation. For added ventilation, a small letterbox window was positioned high up on the left elevation, allowing natural light from all three sides.

Herfordshire garden room with cedar cladding

All eDEN Garden Rooms come with underfloor heating as standard, however this client chose to include an additional combination air con and heating system, to give a variety of heating and cooling options. Air con systems have proven particularly popular when designing gym garden studios, and the superior insulation we build into all of our garden rooms helps to maintain the desired room temperature.

The site for the garden room was positioned on a slope, which our operations team, led by Spencer, quickly dealt with by installing screw pile foundations. As well as being less invasive to your garden’s ecosystem, screw pile foundations enable us to create a level base on a sloping garden, or navigate around known disruptions such as tree roots or underground pipes.

Additionally, this site had a rather complicated route for the power connection which our team needed to navigate. Our client sourced one quote from their own supplier, whilst our in-house electrician offered their recommendations. Following our electrician’s survey, we presented a suitable route which was both the most direct and the most cost-effective, which our client was happy to proceed with. Connectivity is a very important feature in all garden rooms, and at survey stage we can advise on connection requirements for electricity and internet, all of which can be completed by one of our two in-house eDEN electricians who have been with us for over 6-years and are extremely familiar with the specific requirements for connecting services from the property to the garden room.

Our happy client commented “ I can only speak positively about eDEN Garden Rooms.  Not just because of the quality of end product but also the level of service and excellent project management. Everyone involved in the project was a pleasure to deal with and nothing was a problem.”

In addition to our electricians, our wider eDEN team has a wealth of experience in the industry. This means they are very familiar with the garden room spec, and the unique challenges that come up when building garden rooms, so they always understand exactly what’s required and best solution to any surprises we may encounter along the way.

On any given garden room project, we will always have two experienced on-site eDEN carpenters who are responsible for the construction of the garden room. These will most likely be the same two people throughout, and they’re a friendly bunch, so you’ll be reassured by seeing the same faces each day as your garden room takes shape!

eDEN build team - eDEN Garden Rooms - Luxury garden rooms, garden offices and studios Kent, London, Surrey, Berkshire

In addition to our carpenters, we also have a regular plasterer with over 5 years’ eDEN experience, who is responsible for creating a beautiful smooth finish on our garden room interiors. All of our Classic eDEN’s feature fully plastered and painted interiors, giving a high-spec finish and making your new space feel much more like an extension of your home.

Where water and waste connections are required, we use our regular garden room plumber who has worked with the eDEN team for over a year. Not all garden rooms require water and waste management, but if you opt for bathroom or kitchen facilities, rest assured we have an experienced professional on-hand to connect the services.

And for every project that we work on, the very first person you will see on site is our Operations Manager, Spencer, who has been with the company for over 10 years. Spencer oversees site preparation and screw pile installation, laying the essential foundations that your stunning garden room will be built upon.

Screwpiles for Garden Room - eDEN Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are a very specific trade which require specialist knowledge, and we believe that it’s important that the people building your dream garden space have plenty of experience in this specific industry. As a small family business, we love working with a tight-knit, friendly team, and our customers have often commented on how pleasant our staff are to have working in their homes.

Are you looking for an experienced team to help create your perfect garden studio? Get in touch with our specialists on 0800 0935 339 and book your site survey today.


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