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Now that the weather is improving and we are starting to spend more time outside, it reminds us of how amazing it is to just be in the garden, enjoying our surroundings. If you’re a particularly enthusiastic horticulturalist, you may be looking for ways to spend more time in the garden year-round. A garden room can create a peaceful space to sit quietly and reflect, or read a good book, whilst enjoying your garden in every season.

This fantastic arrow-shaped room in Rickmansworth belongs to a client with a real passion for gardening. So much so, that the unique design was inspired to follow the line of the trees, allowing the garden room to nestle comfortably and neatly amongst the foliage. A large decking area and double set of sliding doors, along with extra windows, create multiple options for social seating arrangements, and guarantees a great view of the garden from any angle.


This family room was designed to give members of this multi-generational family a place to go for peace and quiet away from the home. An eco-toilet was included in designs for convenience, and client also added a small portable kitchenette, so that the room had all the home comforts required to make it a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy.

Alongside the main room, we included a large store shed, big enough for stowing away plenty of gardening equipment, and keeping it safe from the elements.

As the garden room was to be built in a spot near to a tree with a preservation order, our client therefore needed to gain planning permission. Our knowledgeable team put the client in touch with an arborist to ensure proper procedure was taken to protect the tree, and we obtained full planning permission on behalf of our client.

Being situated next to a large tree which will often shed leaves onto the area below, our client opted for an artificial turf roof which would look great all year round and has no risk in becoming overgrown or overly wild due to falling seeds from the tree.

If you’re passionate about your garden and are considering adding a garden room to help you enjoy it even more, we would love to chat to you about our bespoke, award-winning designs. Get in touch with our expert team on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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