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eDEN’s flexible end-to-end approach is never more essential than when we are starting a project in a property with limited access to the garden.

eDEN’s flexible end-to-end approach is never more essential than when we are starting a project in a property with limited access to the garden. Further to this, when the garden also needs preparation before work can begin, our skilled team have everything covered, like in this multi-functional garden room built recently in Richmond.

The entire garden within which this project was to be built already had a full artificial lawn laid, plus an existing shed on the garden room site. So, the very first job for the eDEN Garden Rooms team was to remove the shed, and cut back the artificial turf, retaining it for the customer and ensuring that it was protected and kept in tip-top condition throughout the site build.

As the customer’s property was terraced, all materials and equipment needed to be bought through the house into the garden, where the full construction took place. eDEN’s flexible two-method build approach, and use of non-invasive screw pile foundations, means that even when there isn’t side access at a property, we can still carefully bring everything through the house and complete the project with minimal disruption.

This neat, modern garden room stands at 5.3m x 3m, which incorporates a 1.2m wide storage to the right-hand side. As the garden room replaces a shed, as many projects based at the bottom of a garden tend to, this clever hidden storage compartment is a popular and practical way to re-house everything, whilst keeping a stylish, clean aesthetic.

The front of the garden rooms opens up with a triple set of bi-fold doors, perfect for summer, and for making the garden room multi-functional for all kinds of work or social occasions. Sitting across the full width of the garden and close to the boundaries, concrete panels were used on the side and rear elevations which would not be seen. This means that the hidden sides of the garden room which are against the boundaries are totally maintenance-free and weather-proof, avoiding any issues with access in the future. Cedar panelling was over-clad to the fence-line so that aesthetically the garden room looked perfect.

As you can see from the final images, the finished project looks chic and modern, the artificial turf was kept in excellent condition throughout, and the hidden storage compartment blends beautifully into the cedar cladding.

If you’re considering a modern, multi-functional garden room, build to suit the bespoke requirements of your garden get in touch with the eDEN Garden Rooms team today for a friendly chat, and to arrange a site visit 0800 0935 339. To request a brochure and price guide, please email info@edengardenrooms.com

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