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eDEN Garden Rooms
eDEN Garden Rooms

When moving to a new home, considering the improvements you can make to enable it to better suit your lifestyle, and add value to it long term, is a sensible thing to bear in mind.

The subjects of our latest study spent over a year researching the best garden room suppliers whilst in the process of moving house, knowing that a bespoke garden office studio would add a dynamic, multi-functional space to their home, whilst giving it a beneficial selling point and extra value if and when they came to eventually sell their property.

Having done plenty of research, the moment keys were exchanged they invited their preferred supplier (the experienced team here at eDEN) over for a site visit on their very first day in their new home. Clambering over moving boxes to inspect the site, we were more than happy to quickly start drawing up quotes and designs and start making this long-awaited garden home office dream a reality.

Although this well-informed client had invited other companies to quote, ultimately our tailor-made full-service approach won us the business. Whilst we do consider ourselves to be a high-spec garden room supplier, our quotes are extremely comprehensive and inclusive, and undeniably provide great value to our customers. This client recognised the added value in our proposal, including site clearance, foundations and end-to-end project management, and although some competitors may have appeared cheaper on the surface, their inferior materials and service meant that the eDEN value won us the job hands-down.

We soon discovered that a main sewer ran beneath the garden studio location, so our usual approach of screw pile foundations would not be an option. We therefore proceeded to install composite posts with concrete to securely hold the garden room structure.

As you can see, this bespoke 4.5 x 3.6m garden room sits in the corner plot of the garden, with French doors opening the room up, and an additional large window to the left elevation to let in plenty of light. On the right elevation, an integrated shelving system was built into the protruding L-shape of the garden office, creating the perfect environment for a well-organised work space.

garden home office in kent with integrated storage

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