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When choosing a garden room supplier, it can be easy to have your attention piqued by low cost ‘off-the-shelf’ garden rooms that come with pre-determined dimensions, price tags and finishes. However, from our experience of over our 10+ years working in the garden room industry, we believe that it’s extremely rare that any ‘one-size-fits-all’ product actually does fit your space or intentions, and opting for one of these solutions often comes with a series of compromises that you may regret months or years down the line.

To ensure you are as informed as possible when selecting a garden room approach and supplier, we have compiled a list of the differences between off-the-shelf products, and our bespoke garden room design approach.

Personal and Unique

You may have dreamed about having a garden room space for a long time, and when the time comes to turn make your dreams a reality, you’ll want to chat through every detail with an expert. Part of our pre-build process is to conduct a complimentary site visit where we will come and look at your property, discuss the many ways you can personalise your garden room (from fascia’s, to door types, to storage and the internal decor) and from this will produce a totally bespoke design and personal quote. By understanding exactly how you will be using the space, we can make recommendations on the designs and features you may wish to consider, ensuring the finished product fits you and your garden perfectly.

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Superior Spec

The single biggest difference between an eDEN Garden Room and many others on the market is the consistently high specification that we work to. From our thermo-efficient windows and doors, to our wall thickness and insulation, to our beautiful locally milled cedar cladding, we strive to install only the highest quality materials and include this as standard across all of our projects. Our 10-year guarantee demonstrates our confidence in the quality of our product and that our rooms really do stand the test of time.

When considering quotes from an off-the-shelf supplier, be sure to closely inspect every aspect of the specification. You will often find that less robust materials may have been quoted which will result in an inferior garden room with far lower levels of both efficiency and comfort.  If you’re wanting to achieve a proper, liveable garden room rather than a glorified garden shed, make sure you pay close attention to the specification that you’re being offered.

Flexibility and overcoming hurdles

Every garden is different and you may face a multitude of hurdles when planning your project – rest assured, with 10 years in the industry it’s more than likely that we have seen it all before! Whether you have concerns about garden access, planning, tree preservations, site clearance, or any other issue unique to your garden or design ideas, we can guide you through the process, advising and pointing you in the right direction when necessary.

Our flexible build approach means that we can work around you and your space. By using more ecologically friendly screw pile foundations, along with our ability to build everything on-site, we are not restricted when a property lacks side-access to the garden and will always strive to find a solution which has minimum disruption to you and your home.

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Enjoy your unique room for years to come

Whether you’ve got visions of a gym with extra head-room and reinforced flooring, a music room with sound insulation in the walls, or a living space with en-suite bathroom facilities, our bespoke approach means we are only limited by your imagination – if you can dream it, we can build it!

To chat to our friendly team about your dream garden room, call us today on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com and we will get back to you.

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