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eDEN Garden Rooms
eDEN Garden Rooms

Tailor-made garden rooms make fantastic spaces for doing more of the things you love; from yoga, to reading, to arts and crafts, or even weightlifting. An eDEN is the perfect spot to celebrate your hobbies and spend more time focusing on your personal interests. So, when we received an enquiry for this project for two separate hobby spaces, we were excited to help make this happen.

For many of our bespoke garden rooms, we can build within the permitted development rights of the property, however with much larger spaces, customers may need to apply for planning permission and/or adhere to building control. In the case of this project where the customer had two very different and distinct uses for their garden studio; a home gym and a games room, it made better sense to make two separate, smaller garden rooms, to better fit their garden space and in turn avoid the need for building control.

Two Gym garden rooms in Berkshire - eDEN Garden Rooms

The build of these two garden studios in Finchampstead near Reading, was planned around a full landscaping re-design of our client’s garden, incorporating different levels within the garden using slabs. With a specific aesthetic in mind for the new garden styling, we worked alongside their chosen landscaping contractor to ensure that our garden rooms fitted in harmony with the rest of the design, even down to matching the painted Larchwood cladding to the colour reference they provided.

The two separate garden rooms were designed to be a home gym, and a separate family games room to house a table tennis table. The adjacent rooms were intended to mirror one another, so were designed to be very alike in their dimensions and styling, the only difference being that the games room had a hidden shed store incorporated on the left elevation. Each garden studio features a spectacular 5-door bi-fold to the front elevation, plus floor to ceiling windows on the left and right elevation (except for where the shed store is positioned) and small letterbox windows on the back elevation for ventilation. This means that the two garden rooms can be fully opened to create a huge social space, and although separate, the windows help the spaces to feel joined.

Matching garden gyms in Reading - eDEN Garden Rooms

Our client contacted us about this project in January 2020, and after placing his order, we were able to deliver the project once lockdown restrictions allowed us to do so into June. Our client, also a business owner, had confidence that despite lockdown, our experienced team would be able to deliver a fantastic project for his family. This faith in eDEN certainly paid off, as they now have two stunning gardens that they have been able to enjoy throughout this sunny Summer.

If you’re considering building a garden room to give you more space for a hobby or interest, speak to our team of specialists today on 0800 0935 339.

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