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Once you’ve experienced the luxury of working from a high-spec garden office with no commute, it’s hard to ever imagine going back to the rat race of busy cities, packed trains and longer-than-necessary work days. That’s why we are rarely surprised when one of our past customers calls us when they are moving home, already planning their second garden office for their new premises.

We caught up with past client Alan ,who had done exactly that. Working independently as a music producer, eDEN first built a garden office for Alan back in 2013. When he moved house several years later, working out of a box room was never a long-term plan, and as soon as they welcomed their first baby it was time for eDEN to step-in and create a new base for Alan’s business.

Garden music room with keyboard and drum kit - eDEN Garden Rooms

Alan’s garden office was built at 4.5m x 3m, with ample space to fit in a large desk, and for a small selection of instruments such as a keyboard and drum kit necessary for his work. Bifold doors with a triple track system were installed, making this garden the perfect social space for sunny weekends. Alan explained how he would open the bi-folds to create a mini DJ set-up for garden party entertainment!

Speaking about how a garden office has impacted his work and lifestyle, Alan told us that it provides a helpful separation from the house, giving him space to focus on work without distractions. He also commented that the added benefits of having electricity and Wi-Fi at the end of the garden was hugely handy, and the integrated shed store has been invaluable for stowing away garden equipment in winter months.

Alan said If we moved again, we would certainly need another garden office, it’s difficult to imagine life without it! I consider it to be an investment over the years, and it has paid for itself when you compare it to renting the equivalent space, with the added convenience of it being at home.” Alan’s glowing review of eDEN was extended to neighbours, who have also started planning similar projects.

Modern garden office music studio UK - eDEN Garden Rooms

It’s fantastic to see how invaluable Alan’s new garden music studio is to his thriving business. To hear how we’ve helped other small business owners, take a look at our Spotlight On Small Businesses campaign.

eDEN Garden Rooms - Spotlight on Small Businesses


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