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When researching a garden room supplier, understanding the insulation quality of your new garden room is paramount and can make all the difference to how much you love and use your finished garden studio.

At eDEN, we design beautiful bespoke insulated garden rooms, and our superior spec ensures that your garden room is eco-efficient; warm in winter, cool in summer and is a comfortable space to enjoy year-round.

Garden room wall thickness

Building one of our garden rooms with insulation starts with the quality of our garden room wall thickness, coupled with the high-performance rigid foam we use to insulate the wall cavities. The thicker the wall, the more insulation, and here at eDEN we use an energy-efficient rigid polyisocyanurate, with a thickness of 70mm in the walls, 90mm in the floor and a full covering of insulation with a cosy insulation blanket called SuperFoil in the roof.  The polyisocyanurate insulation (PIR) achieves a fantastic A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide, providing impressive heat retention to all of our garden rooms.

A fully insulated garden room with superior, high performance rigid foam in the walls and floor - edEN Garden Rooms.

Sound proofing a garden studio

Garden rooms with sound proofing are something we are often asked about, whether for music studios, or just to add some extra privacy from neighbouring properties. Although we don’t offer sound proofing, we do offer an upgrade to acoustic insulation, using Soundbloc plasterboard to give you an improvement on the acoustic properties of your garden room; creating high-quality garden room sound insulation.

This garden room in Kent is one example of how we have used this technology to insulate a garden music studio, creating the perfect peaceful environment for a musician to focus on creating beautiful harmonies.

Garden Room in Tunbridge, Kent - eDEN Garden Rooms

Thermo-efficient garden room windows and doors

As well as the high-spec materials we use in our garden studio walls, the quality of the aluminium doors and windows we use also has an impact on the overall thermo-efficiency of our garden rooms. We only use residential-standard doors and windows in our garden studios, which are double glazed as standard. Whatever style of door or window you choose for your bespoke garden room design, from French, to sliding, to bi-fold; you’ll always enjoy outstanding Uw Value ratings. Upgrades to triple-glazing are also optional, and come as standard in our eDEN eDGE garden studio range.

Luxury garden room with thermo-efficient, double-glazed doors and high quality aluminium facias - eDEN Garden Rooms

Underfloor heating as standard

Insulated garden rooms also benefit from clever heating solutions, and we include sleek and effective underfloor heating as standard. This not only efficiently heats the entire room from beneath, but helps to maximise your space, eliminating the need for wall-mounted radiators. This example of a modern garden room in Kent includes very discreet underfloor heating, operated by a wall-mounted thermostat. which, as you can see, leaves a lovely big open space.

Bespoke garden room with engineered real-wood flooring - eDEN Garden Rooms, Kent, London, Surrey, Berkshire

Eco-Efficient Lighting 

All of the LED light fittings that we install use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents, while producing a cool beautiful light in your garden room.

Stainless steel LED light fitting on painted white ceiling - eDEN Garden Rooms

If you’re looking for an insulated garden room in London, Kent, Surrey or anywhere else in the South East, give us a call on 0800 0935 339 and let us help to plan your dream garden studio.

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