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Having built high-quality, stylish garden rooms for over a decade, our team are true professionals and generally there is very little that can take us by surprise on a job. However, even with meticulous planning, from time to time we of course encounter unforeseen obstacles to overcome on a site (and this particular project had more obstacles than the average!). Luckily for our customers, when you appoint a highly qualified team like eDEN Garden Rooms, you’re gaining a true wealth of knowledge and years of experience adapting to a whole host of situations. So, no matter the problem, our team will always work hard to quickly find the best solution.

The project in question is a beautifully designed garden treatment room in Sevenoaks, Kent. Due to the irregular site space, we created a completely unique studio design, with a main rectangular room plus an adjoining triangular storage section, to mould the garden room around both a larger protected tree to the rear, and an Acer tree which the client wanted to keep as a feature on the right. The main room was to be used for treatments, so featured a sink with ancillary services, whilst the storage area housed garden furniture, with access to it from a door inside the main studio.

Garden Room Design with Built In Storage Room in Sevenoaks

Interior of an eDEN Garden Room High Specification

Doors and windows were carefully considered to work with the space, with a large set of bi-folds to the front of the room, allowing plenty of natural light and the opportunity to open the room up in warmer months. In addition to this, two extra windows were positioned strategically inside the room, one smaller letterbox window to the rear of the studio for ventilation, and a second floor-to-ceiling window on the right elevation, providing a view onto the Acer tree which will bloom a rich red in Summer; a lovely addition to a relaxing treatment space.

Digital render of a garden studio treatment room in Sevenoaks, Kent

With the Tree Protection Order in place, eDEN Garden Rooms called upon a specialist tree consultant for a survey so that we could position the screw pile foundations around the roots of the tree. This is a procedure that we have undertaken on many projects and worked with the consultant to ensure the tree wasn’t impacted by the build.

However, once we had cleared the space, it turned out that the roots were not the only issue! Unbeknownst to the customer, an unused drain which had previously served an old farm ran across the site that was planned for the garden room. Problem? Not for eDEN! We knew just what to do and enlisted the services of a drain specialist (at cost to customer), who was able to map out the drain and allow us to plot the screw pile foundations accordingly.

What the drain survey did not indicate, was that there was also a redundant gas pipe running beneath the garden, which again the client had no record of. Once discovered, the gas board were contacted to safely disconnect the pipe. Trenches were dug in order for them to do this, and finally, once we were given the all-clear, we were able to continue to lay our foundations and the garden room structure went up in no time.

Cedar clad garden room studio in Sevenoaks, Kent

Although this kind of scenario is of course rare, it’s inevitable that from time to time a project may encounter all manner of unforeseen problems and surprises, (through no fault of eDEN or the customer) and it’s how these problems are dealt with that is the true indicator of an industry-leading business.

Our client, Steve, commented; “Lovely completed garden room. A highly professional team throughout the whole process. They even coped admirably with a last second on-site problem and a change of mind from me! I would highly recommend”.

We continue to be proud of our team for their excellent customer service, which is reflected in our outstanding reviews and the awards we have won for our service provision.

Are you looking for a truly experienced garden room team for your new garden studio project? Get in touch with eDEN Garden Rooms today on 0800 0935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com to set up a call.


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