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Garden rooms come in different shapes and sizes, and many people are looking for small garden room ideas.  This perfect little retreat in the woodland garden of a townhouse in central London is a great example of a small garden room full of ideas!

The smart and small garden room is perfectly dimensioned for one person to comfortably work with a desk.  It is a garden room with storage, kitted out with warming underfloor heating, beautiful oak floor, 6 spotlights and 3 plug sockets.  The overhang has spotlights which light up as you walk towards the garden room, offering a welcoming glow so you can unlock the doors easily on a dark evening.  At the rear of the garden room is a secret store area to tidily store the messy paraphernalia of gardening, from rakes to spades and there is even room for a flymo lawnmower which can be stored hanging up.  Perfect little garden room for people looking for small garden room ideas.

A  garden room in London…




“What a delightful bunch of guys working for your company – it’s been thrilling seeing our little garden room grow. You run a very smooth operation!”

Comment from customer of woodland garden room in London


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