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Please download our brochure and have a browse through our range of beautiful, contemporary garden rooms, garden offices and studios. If you would like to learn more, simply complete our contact form and one of our knowledgeable team members will get back to you to discuss your project requirements.

Once you are happy to proceed to the next stage, we can book you in for a Virtual Site Survey with one of our project managers, at which time we will view the potential site for your garden room, garden office or studio and discuss your project in more detail. From this, we will produce for you a detailed quote for your consideration and approval.

From this point, it’s just a matter of time before we can book you in for a site build slot and get your project underway. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently the entire process is managed, and it could take as little as 7 weeks from enquiry to completion. Read more about what is involved in our 7 stage approach.

Can I have an eDEN specifically designed for my requirements?

Yes, within particular construction constraints, we can help guide you through the process of design and recommend elements that will enhance your eDEN, making it totally unique based on your requirements.

We have the expertise and experience to work with you to design your own, bespoke eDEN garden room (and we find that the very best projects come from working collaboratively with our clients). Simply let us know what you are thinking and we would love to get working on some plans and prices!

Will I get a guarantee with my eDEN?

Of course, you will get an insurance-backed 10 year guarantee covering the structure of your bespoke garden building.

How much will an eDEN cost me?

An eDEN is a high specification bespoke garden room and is built with the quality and construction methods of a new home, therefore the price of an eDEN should be compared with the price and inconvenience of an extension rather than the price of a shed.

The eDEN is an affordable investment to your home which will not only add extra valuable space but will also add value to the price of your home should you come to sell in the future. You may even wish to look into the financial benefits that come from renting out the garden space!

Contact us for specific guide prices for your eDEN Garden Room.

How long will it take to install an eDEN Garden Room?

Once we arrive on site we will aim to have your eDEN garden room completed and ready for use within 15 working days. Once we have completed your eDEN we will clear up after ourselves and remove any rubbish or debris so you can enjoy your beautiful garden room from the minute our vehicle pulls away from your house!

This 15 day estimate naturally varies from project-to-project, and will depend on the complexity of your garden room requirements, and other variables that can impact speed of build.

Our new eDEN Hub is our micro garden office room product, ideal for those with smaller garden space available and can have a fast 3 day installation.

What foundation structure does the eDEN require?

The eDEN team will take full responsibility of the foundations and ensure they are prepared perfectly.

Dependent on conditions of the site, we have a number of methods we use for foundations, ranging from screw piles to concrete slabs. Our team will assess and decide the correct method for each project.

Will my eDEN be built using sustainable construction methods?

Absolutely! eDEN is designed and constructed by a team which is passionate about eco development and sustainable construction methods. The team is drawn from industry experts who have worked on various, ground breaking projects – leading the way in sustainable design and construction in the garden room industry. It’s one of the credentials that we are most proud of!

Does my eDEN require planning permission?

Under new regulations that came into effect 1st October 2008, an eDEN (i.e. outbuildings) are considered to be permitted development, not requiring planning permission, subject to a few limits and conditions. For more detailed information see https://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/outbuildings

It is ultimately the responsibility of the home/land owner to ensure their eDEN garden room meets Planning & Building Regulations, although we are on hand to give advice and support.

Why use eDEN Garden Rooms?

eDEN Garden Rooms are designed and constructed by specialists in garden room manufacture. You can be assured that your eDEN is a sustainable piece of architecture which is constructed using high quality fixtures and fittings. With high performance windows and doors which fully insulate your garden room to the highest of standards, you can be reassured that your eDEN uses minimal energy to keep warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

As a leading UK Garden Room Company, our winning combination of a highly-skilled and experience team, coupled with our consistently superior specification and award-winning designs makes eDEN Garden Rooms the trusted choice in garden room suppliers, with many happy customers throughout Kent, London, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamsire and Hertfordshire.

What is included in the price of my eDEN?

Site survey, plans, foundations, timber frame manufacture and erection, external cladding, internal plasterboarding, painting, internal electrics & lighting, thermo efficient windows and doors and wood flooring.

What can I use my eDEN for?

eDENs are fully insulated garden rooms, draught-proofed, heated and suitable for all year round use. Whatever the weather in the garden your eDEN will be a haven of warmth and comfort.

Because they are so flexible and multi-functional, the ways in which our customers use their eDENs are endless. An eDEN makes a perfect garden home office, garden studio for guests, as a music room, gym, games room or chill out zone…to list just a few…but really – the list is endless!

Which areas in the UK does eDEN Garden Rooms service?

We are based in Kent, and mainly work in the South East of England, although we cover the following regions within the UK.

Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey and Sussex.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

We don’t have a showroom; however, we do have a whole host of friendly eDEN customers who are often happy to show off their finished garden rooms to potential new customers. Following a site visit to discuss your specific requirements, we will try to organise a viewing at a completed eDEN close to you.

Will my room be warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, all our garden rooms are fully insulated to a high standard and include underfloor heating as standard, so they are ideal for use all year round.

Can I have underfloor heating?

Yes, underfloor is a standard feature in all our garden rooms.

Can I have a toilet and/or kitchen in my garden room?

In principle, yes, we can supply and fit a shower room and/or kitchenette, subject to planning and building control regulations. Usually the most costly elements of a build are the sewer, water and power hook-ups. Inclusion of a shower room or kitchenette would be subject to a groundwork quote by your own builder/groundworker or an eDEN referred specialist’

Can I add a skylight to my garden room?

Yes, however including a skylight increases the overall room height to over 2.5m, so it would be subject to planning.

Can I have dividing walls/separate rooms?

Yes, we can add partition walls. These can be quoted on request.

Can I live in a garden room?

If a garden room is to become a permanent dwelling then it would require planning and building control regulations. These requirements will substantially increase the prices within our guide and can be quoted on request.

Can you attach a garden room to the side of my house?

No, our garden rooms are only available as stand-alone buildings.

Can you fit solar panels to my garden room?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this at this present time.

Can you soundproof my garden room?

Whilst we cannot guarantee ‘sound proofing’ within your garden room, we can offer acoustic upgrading which reduces the sound pollution coming in and out of your garden room. This service can be quoted on request.

Do you remove trees/shrubs from the site before build?

Trees would need to be removed by a specialist, however we can remove shrubs and small structures such as garden sheds from the site before building your garden room.

This service can be quoted on sight of your garden during our Virtual Site Survey. Demolition of larger brick structures (such as existing garages) would need to be undertaken by a specialist contractor.

What groundwork is required before build?

We require a clear and level ground for us to build your garden room on. Within reason we can build on naturally sloping gardens, as long as the slope is smooth and flat (any bumps over 50mm need to be taken out). On sloped gardens, the garden room may need a step if the slope occurs near the entrance, which we can quote for as required.

Do you offer electrical connection from the house to garden room?

Yes, we can connect the electrics (and your internet connection) from your house to your garden room. The price of this electrical hook-up is not included in our pricing grid, as it is dependent on the location and complexity of your existing electrical board. This hook-up will be quoted following a Virtual Site Survey, once we have viewed your site and property.

Do you supply drawings for planning permission purposes?

If required, we can produce scaled drawings for planning permission purposes, which is a chargable service. We also offer an optional admin service to submit these planning drawings on the behalf of our customers and complete the necessary local authority paper work for a planning application.

Please be aware that eDEN is not a planning consultancy and does not provide planning advice. We are purely offering an administrative service. If the local authority indicate a requirement for specialist reports (e.g. a tree report) the customer will be required to pay for this in addition to eDEN’s admin fees. eDEN will endeavour to deliver a successful planning outcome, however by assisting with your application eDEN does not guarantee planning permission will be granted. We are unable to complete planning applications for heritage buildings.

Does my quote include VAT?

Yes, the price indications on our pricing grid are all inclusive of VAT.

Does the area I’m building on need to be level?

If a customer is preparing the site themselves, we require a clear site with any trunks and roots removed. Over the footprint of the garden room the ground should be flattened and any bumps over 50mm need to be taken out.  The ground can be left with a natural slope with the understanding that the garden room may need a step (at customer cost) if the slope occurs near the entrance.

eDEN must be fully informed by the customer (prior to installation of screwpiles) of any potential underground obstruction (power cables/sewer pipes/water pipes).

How close can you build my garden room to fence/house/other outside obstacles such as trees?

Subject to building control regulations, we can build within approximately 250mm of a boundary.

How do I get internet to my garden room?

We can run a CAT cable to connect the internet from the router in your house down to your garden room. Similar to the electrical hook-up, this will be quoted on sight of your property and the location of your router.

What is a Virtual Site Survey and how long does it take?

Once we have received your initial enquiry and understood your requirements, we will organise a Virtual Site Survey, which will take place via video call. During this Virtual Site Survey we will assess your site, discuss the design of your garden room and check the suitability of access to the garden. Generally, these surveys take around 30 minutes. Following a Virtual Site Survey we will provide a price for your consideration.

Is the site survey free?

Virtual Site Surveys are free.

How secure are doors and windows?

All our windows and doors are residential standard and accredited by ‘Secured by Design’ for extra peace of mind.

I already have a concrete base, is this okay?

We can work with an existing concrete base providing it is level with the ground to avoid any issues with garden room height. Customers who choose to use an existing concrete slab would be liable for any foundation defects.

I live in a flat, can I still have a garden room?

Yes, you can have a garden room in the garden of a flat, however you will need planning permission. As with all properties, we need to be able to access the garden easily, either by side access or via the house. If our team will need to bring materials through the house, we would need to assess the suitability of this access and an extra fee of £885 (+VAT) applies due to the extra time this adds to our build process.

I live in a conservation area, do I need planning permission?

You may need planning permission for your garden room. eDEN are not a planning consultancy so we recommend you discuss your project with your local planning department in the first instance.

On average, what is the lead time for a survey?

Generally, we can arrange a Virtual Site Survey within a couple of weeks of your initial enquiry. This will be conducted over a video call where we will assess the site and discuss your ideas for your garden room design.

What height are your garden rooms?

To comply with Permitted Development rights, the external height of our garden rooms is 2.5 meters. We can increase the height up to 3 meters, but the garden room will have to either be 2 meters from all boundaries, or have planning permission.

What are your cladding options?

Our signature cladding style is a Premium Red Cedar Wood, however on request we can fit alternative cladding such as composite panels (as seen on our eDEN eDGE).

Will the cladding need to be painted or maintained?

Our premium cedar cladding contains natural oils which help protect the wood. The cladding can last 20-25 years with no treatment, however the colour of the cedar will bleach in the sun over time to a greyer tone. You can maintain the richer orange if you wish by applying a treatment once a year. This is a service that eDEN can provide on request.

What deposit would be required?

A 25% deposit is required to confirm your project and reserve your build slot. Our full payment schedule can be provided on request.

What flooring features in an eDEN Garden Room?

Our floors are engineered oak and all eDEN Garden Rooms come with underfloor heating as standard.

What is the smallest garden room you can build?

The smallest garden room size we offer is 2m x 2m

What is the largest garden room you can build?

We can build garden rooms up to 30 meters square in line with permitted development rights. Outbuildings over this size are subject to planning and building control regulations, and although we can accommodate larger buildings, our quotes for these are on-request.

What is the construction of your roofs?

Our roofs are made from an EPDM rubber membrane.

What are the next steps for me to order?

Once you have reviewed our brochure and pricing, we will have an initial chat about your project over the phone and book in a Virtual Site Survey. This survey is a video call where we will assess your site, project and access. We can provide a bespoke quote after this video call for your consideration.

What access do I need at my property?

Ideally we need side access of at least 0.5m to allow our team to easily bring our materials through to your site space. On occasion, we can bring materials through the house where there is no side access, but there must be an easy, ‘straight-line’ route from the front door to the back door. Please note that projects where we need to bring materials through the house will incur an additional cost of £885 + VAT as it adds significant time to our build process.

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