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Working from home comes with a long list of benefits; from eliminating a commute, being closer to your family, or working in a more flexible style.

However, building a business from a spare room within your house can also compromise productivity, with many finding themselves in a battle against household distractions and feel a lack of separation between work and home life. That’s where the eDEN Garden Office comes in!

Built to our consistently high specification, we will work with you to design a garden office space that includes everything you need to make your working day as efficient as possible. Our design and construction teams can include built-in desk space, as much storage as you need, as well as the workplace essentials such as telephone and internet connection for your very own garden office, pod or studio. And of course, every garden office we build is fit for purpose all year round, with high-quality insulation in the walls, ceilings and floor, plus underfloor heating as standard, giving you a warm and comfortable environment to work in, regardless of the season!

eDEN Classic Garden Offices (our larger garden office rooms) are built to your bespoke needs and are therefore as unique as your business. As well as traditional office spaces, we can also adapt designs to suit for music studios, fitness studios, art or photography studios. Whatever your profession, we can create an office space that helps your business to thrive.

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