eDEN Garden Rooms

So this is the second garden room from eDEN. I was one of their early customer back in 2010, and just moved house, and went straight back to them again after 10 years use of the 1st version. I was very happy with the quality 10 years ago, and it looks as though they have become even more proficient on the detailing in the last 10 years. VERY VERY happy.

Still a small enough company to give you what feels like a personal service, whilst being large enough to offer the best design and specification. Complete in less than 2 weeks by a team who really knew what they were doing. They had difficult access, everything having to go through our house, but they took great care and were a pleasant bunch to have around for 2 weeks. Prices have gone up, but that’s understandable given that everyone wants one of these at the moment, and the quality of the materials and workmanship involved.

Was particularly impressed by the screw piles, which are an improvement over previous foundations IMO. Currently looking at planning permission for a 3rd purchase for the front of the house.

5 Stars without doubt

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