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Modern Garden Gym Rooms

Get the most out of every workout with a private, premium, personalised gym room at the end of your garden, set up exactly the way you like it.

10 Years’ Experience designing Stunning Garden Gym Rooms

Whether you’re into Yoga, weight training or spinning classes, our designers and expert craftsmen know exactly how to create beautiful, private, inspiring garden gym rooms to help you workout in total comfort.

Public Gyms Not Working Out

Fed up with having to wake up with the sun to squeeze in the gym? Waiting for free equipment messing with your training? Stinky local gym putting you off? Hate the idea of public workouts? Whatever your age, body shape and fitness goals, it’s not always easy to find time to get a workout in, and it’s even harder to find somewhere you enjoy going. We’ve all had our fair share of stinky changing rooms, sticky machines and selfish fellow gym users. Isn’t it time you thought about working out in the comfort of your own private garden gym room?

Your Garden Gym: Room to Do You

Give yourself the time and space to get in shape by building a gym room in your garden. A short stroll away, you’ll no longer have to allow extra time for the journey, wait in line for the equipment or get distracted by others chatting while you get your sweat on. A garden gym room cost is much more affordable and will be far less hassle than planning and building an extension on your home. Plus a gym room in your garden can be designed to accommodate all your favourite ways to workout, whether it’s just you, or you want something that suits the whole family. So, everybody wins.

Quality rooms fit for every purpose

The Highest Quality Garden Gym Rooms in the UK

Bring your health and fitness goals to life in a premium quality garden room gym hand built to meet your needs. Because we use high-grade, hard-wearing materials, your new gym room at the end of your garden will not only be stunning inside and out, it will be built to last. Get the gym space you’ve been hoping for, at a price to suit your budget, and tailor made with the premium finishes and smart upgrades you want.

Whatever your budget, you can expect the very best from our premium garden gym rooms:

  • Workout year-round thanks to high-grade insulation, a double-thick wall construction and underfloor heating (excludes Essence)
  • All our garden gym rooms come with plastered or panelled walls and engineered oak wood flooring for a homely feel
  • Integrate spotlights, internet and power sockets are all up and running before we’re finished
  • Your garden gym room can be sized to suit your needs starting from 2m x 2m
  • Premium cladding double-glazed windows give your home gym garden room a stunning exterior
  • High quality upgrades enable you to add everything from plumbing, smart tech, and reinforced floors, decking space or higher ceilings to suit your needs.

Create Your Own Bespoke Garden Gym Room

Get ready to set your imagination free and create your dream workout space with a bespoke garden gym room. Depending on what you want to use it for, we will create your ideal home gym layout. Garden room gyms come in a range of pre-designed sizes and finishes to suit your budget, all of which are hand crafted using only premium quality materials. However, if you want to go for something completely off-plan, then our expert designers are here to help make your dreams a reality. With everything hand built from scratch, no prefab in sight, there are really no limits to what you can achieve. So, whether you want to create a yoga studio to share or a 2- room studio that allows you are your partner to work out separately at the same time. If you have the vision, we’ll make it a reality.

Your Garden Room Gym: Sized to Suit You

Our premium garden room gym sizes range from as little as 2m x 2m and can go as big as your space can accommodate, within permitted development guidelines (30m2 internal floor space including partition walls). Need to squeeze your gym room into an awkward corner spot? No problem. Need something big enough to host you and a few of friends? Consider it done. Need extra head height to accommodate equipment or space to reach full stetch? Absolutely fine. So long as your garden has the space, we can handcraft a beautiful garden room gym sized for you.

Your Garden Room Gym Made Perfect

Beautiful and practical in equal measure, our designs are hand-built to last and made with high quality materials to your specification for maximum enjoyment. Opt for the Classic range, and you can access some of these premium upgrades to make your garden room gym exceptional:

Premium Decking

Take your salutation to the sun on your very own hand-crafted decking area. We’ll always use the same premium wood to create your deck as we have to clad your garden room gym, so the overall effect will be stunning.

Hot Tub Deck

Why not take it one step further and add a decking big enough help you truly live the dream. A garden room gym with hot tub is the ideal way to soak those tired muscles, or simply relax and enjoy.

High-Grade Soundproofing

Whether you want peace and tranquillity inside to workout in peace, or you thrive on live music and you’re keen not to annoy the neighbours with pumping European Techno (whatever works!) our carpenters can fit an extra layer of quality soundproofing to help. It’s all helped along by premium hardwood cladding, insulation, and our double-wall construction to keep the ambience in your garden room gym exactly as you like it.

Reinforced Flooring

All our garden room gyms are built with premium quality materials and hard wearing wood, so there shoudn’t be any problem with weight bearing. However, if you intend to use heavy equipment like weights or spinning machines, or you intend to hold a Zumba class for 5 or more, it would be worth considering a reinforced floor.

Added Ceiling Height

To comply with Permitted Development rights, the external height of our garden rooms gyms is 2.5 metres (2.05 approx internal). However, should you need to raise the ceiling height to accommodate large equipment or use a specialist bike for spinning, we can increase the height to up to 3 (2.4m approx. internal) metres. It’s worth nothing that to do so, a garden room would need to be 2 metres from all boundaries or have planning permission.

Smart Tech and Soundsystems

Looking for high quality WIFI signal, remote controlled sound systems or interactive smart tech installation. However, we can enhance your workout experience, our expert electricians are here to help.

Multi-room gym in your garden

Enjoy two benefits in one stunning space with the addition of an extra room. Hand- built to the same premium specification, the second room is simply added on to the footprint of your garden room gym meaning that you could enjoy a home office, extra storage, a stunning entertaining room or even a hobby space. Depending on your requirements this additional room is an affordable optional extra that will both add value to your property but also bring further enjoyment to your home.

Skilfully Crafted, Industry-leading Garden Room Gyms

WIFI, HIFI, and Electrics ready

Your garden gym room will come fitted with electrics, lighting and all the necessary tech to help make your workout run smoothly.

Premium Cedar Clad Exteriors

As stunning and hardwearing, this highly sought-after finish is included in the price of all our standard leisure garden rooms (excludes Essence).

Built for Every Season

Every garden gym room is hand-built with double-layered walls and fitted with and high-grade insulation to keep you comfortable all year long.

Home comforts included

Finished with plastered or panelled interiors and premium flooring, your garden gym room will have a modern, welcoming feel.

Fitted with Under Floor Heating

Select a Classic room and feel warm enough to work out, whatever the weather thanks to quality, remote controlled underfloor heating as standard.

Our garden room gyms are hand built using the highest quality materials. However, you can choose from a beautiful selection of designs and finishes to suit your budget. Expect nothing less than perfection from either of our ranges:

Expect nothing less than perfection

eDEN Essence

Our simplest garden room gym, the Essence is our beautiful standard room. Every bit as hand-crafted from high quality materials as our other ranges, they come in a choice of pre-designed plan sizes to suit your needs. Upgrades are available in some finishes, but you won’t be disappointed with our inexpensive, yet stunning solution to your home leisure needs.

eDEN Classic

There’s nothing standard about our beautiful mid-range collection. The affordable Classic comes with underfloor heating, premium cedar cladding and aluminium windows and doors included. There are also an impressive range of upgrades available to make your garden office room everything you hoped for, and more.

Frequently asked questions

How big should a garden room be for a gym?

The ideal size of your garden room gym really depends on how you want to workout. If you like spinning and using a few weights, then you could get away with one of our smallest spaces at around 3m x 3m. 5m x 4m is good size if you’re looking to use several different machines. However, we’d always recommend going a little larger for extra comfort if your budget can stretch to it. Who knows, your needs might change, or you might want to share the space with someone else in the future. Speak to our expert design team about choosing the right size for your garden room gym to for your needs and budget.

Do I need planning permission for a home gym?

Simply put, you don’t usually need Planning Permission for a home gym. Restrictions do apply which include a footprint limit of 30m2 internal floor space including partition walls, ceiling height of 2.5m. However, should you wish for the ceiling to be 3m from the eaves then Permitted Development rules state that the building should be 2m from all boundaries of the property.

Can my garden room gym be soundproof?

Yes. We can upgrade your garden room gym to include soundproofing to help minimise the impact on your neighbours of any noisy training sessions.

Can my garden room gym have a hot tub installed?

Happily, yes! We can build a bespoke deck alongside your garden room gym to create the perfect gym-come-spa area to help soothe those hard-working muscles. (hot tub must be sourced by the customer)

Can I reclaim VAT on my garden room?

If you pay VAT as a partnership, Limited Company or Sole Trader, the good news is, you can reclaim VAT when running a business from a garden room. That includes the cost of installing it, and all the fixtures and fittings.

Can my Garden Room have Multiple Rooms?

Our multi-room garden offices are more popular than ever. They’re an attractive and affordable way to add value and space to your property, while giving you the lifestyle you desire. We offer a range of 2-room garden building options that allow you to add extra storage or indeed a hobby room, gym space or teen retreat, while keeping the sanctuary of you garden office room intact. Speak to the team about how we can help bring your multi-space ideas to life.

Will my Garden Room Come With Storage?

Whilst extra storage doesn’t come as a standard feature, we do have lots of neat storage solutions on offer, including a 2-room garden office option that gives you a separate dedicated store area on the side of your office space. The exterior is finished exactly as the main building meaning the finished look is every bit as stunning, and fantastically useful too.

Can my Garden Room Have a Toilet or Shower Room?

We fully understand why you ask. Who doesn’t want to be able to work in comfort and not have to pop to the house every time you need to take a natural break or have a shower after using the gym. It is all absolutely possible but does tend to add significant cost to the project. That said, done in the right way, the use case may well justify the extra investment. Talk to one of our experts to discuss the options.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it

Office & Integrated Shed Storage, Hertfordshire
Delightfully bright garden room in Bushey, Hertfordshire, with a beautiful and well-thought-out design.
Gym & Integrated Shed Storage, Thames Ditton
Contemporary space – perfect for a busy family to use all year round!
Music Room, Tunbridge Wells
Lovely garden room in Tunbridge Wells, designed especially to use as a music studio.

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