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Simple 3 step process
A person wearing glasses and a green and red jacket is smiling. Beside them is a green rounded rectangle with the number 1 and the name "Julia." A green phone icon invites you to start your project.
Speak with Julia

Start your new project with Julia. We’ll get an understanding of your needs and how we can help.

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Meet Wes

He will visit your home and help further develop your project ideas as well as reviewing the intended location. The follow up delivers a detailed design proposal to bring to life the potential for your space.

A modern wooden garden room with large windows and patio doors, part of a three-step build process with a hammer icon and the word "Build" in a green circle labeled with the number 3. Start your project today for an inviting outdoor space.
Build date scheduled

Once you’re happy with the finished room design, we’ll schedule a build date to suit you.

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Book in your initial call with Julia

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Rather talk with one of our experts?

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