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Modern Garden Rooms for Business

Whatever your business, give it a sleek and stylish base from which to succeed. Be it a brand new adventure or creating a space to make it your own, choose a hand crafted, premium quality Garden Room for your business.

10 Years’ designing Garden Rooms for Businesses

From a multi-purpose meet-and-greet show room come office space to a hair and beauty salon, let our expert design and carpentry team plan, handcraft and hand finish a building that will make you proud to run a business from a garden room.

Running a Home Business Isn’t Working for you

Client calls interrupted by the kids. Lack of space driving you to host business meetings at local cafés. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re trying to make a business work but you’re having to do it without a dedicated space. Perhaps you’re simply fed up with commuting to an ugly industrial estate, and crave a better work life-balance? Or maybe you dream of having a garden room to use as a dog grooming business but don’t know where to start? Whatever your reason for wanting to run a company from home, isn’t it time you created the professional setting you’ve been thinking about in a garden room for business?

Three people practice yoga in a minimalist room with an open glass door revealing an outdoor landscape, exemplifying the serene functionality of modern garden rooms.

A Garden Room: Built for Business Success

With the working from home lifestyle very much here to stay, it’s easy to see why people are finding inventive ways to create space in their homes to help run a business. However, extending your home can be a drawn out mess and expensive way to go. By running a business from a garden room, you not only get to keep your work and home life comfortably separate, but it’s an affordable way to create a personalised and private place to work from whilst adding value to your property.

Quality rooms fit for every purpose

The Highest Quality Garden Rooms for Business in the UK

Set your sights high on a beautiful, premium, handcrafted garden room built for your business. We offer a range of high-end fixtures and fittings in all bespoke garden rooms. Yet, because we handcraft each of our buildings from scratch using only high quality materials – as standard – you’ll never be disappointed. Even our most inexpensive garden rooms for business are beautifully designed, inside and out, and built to last. It’s one of the reasons we’re known as the creators of the highest quality garden rooms for business in the UK.

Here are some of the high-standard features you can expect, that’ll help make it a dream to run a business from a garden room:

  • Feel at home with plastered or panelled interiors and oak effect laminate or engineered oak flooring
  • Internet port installed in every garden room
  • On our Classic range, underfloor heating offering even heat distribution and more wall space
  • Double-layered wall construction and high grade insulation let you work comfortably all year-round
  • Premium cedar cladding will not only look stunning but also protect your investment (optional on Essence

Running Your Home Business From A Garden Room

Whether you’re just starting out, or your business is well established, there are so many great reasons to consider running your business from a garden room, especially one that’s beautifully hand-crafted in high-quality materials and finished to your exact specification. From smart tech to floor-to-ceiling storage, our designers will ensure you have all the features you need to help your business thrive.

Your garden room can contain everything you’d expect from renting an office space. So, staff and clients alike will feel at home, even at the bottom of your garden. There may be a bigger up-front cost but as claiming a garden room as a business expense is perfectly valid, it’s a really cost effective way to invest in your business and save on ever-higher monthly rental bills. Plus, with a whole host of premium, smart and innovative upgrades, you really can have everything you need to run a successful business from a garden room.

Run A Business From a Garden Room All-Year Long

Rain, hail or snow, our high-grade insulation means year-round comfort in even our most inexpensive garden rooms. For business users there are other standard features that will ensure you and your staff can work in comfort all year. Our double- layered wall construction and stunning, premium cladding will help protect you from the elements. On the Classic, consider adding aircon as an upgrade for those warmer days.

Business Ready Garden Rooms: Tech to Spec

For any business run from a garden room, it’s a given that you’ll nee lighting, a reliable power supply, plenty of sockets, telephone connection and decent internet access. That’s why all of these come fitted as standard. Of course, if there’s something more specialist you need, then all you have to do is ask. Our designers are on hand to help you include all the smart tech your business needs to thrive, our expert electricians will then fit and test every element to ensure it’s all working perfectly before we head off.

Keeping Your Garden Room Business Secure

Whatever your business, you’ll want to know that your workplace is both safe and secure. Thanks to quality workmanship and superior materials, ensure every garden room is just that, and built to last. However, for that extra peace of mind, all the windows and doors we fit are of a residential standard and accredited by ‘Secure by Design’. We can also fit Ring Doorbell and any other security systems, if required, so just ask.

Using a garden room for business, and more

Multi-use garden rooms for business and pleasure are a great way to beautifully solve two problems in one. Get more space for the family to relax and enjoy each other’s company, choose a 2-room option to include garden storage or perhaps even add a home gym. Speak to our expert designers about maximising your garden room so that it’s a win-win for home and work life.

However, if you do combine business and pleasure, it’s worth noting that you will have to consider the impact this might have on your personal vs business costs. If you run a limited company for example, to validate a garden room as a business expense it must be solely for company use. So, any additional rooms would likely need to be at your own personal expense.

It’s also worth noting that there can be implications / requirements regarding building control if you run a business from your home. It’s always worth checking with your local council, or reach out to one of the eDEN team for advice and guidance.

Garden Room for Business Start Ups

It might seem like a big investment, but starting a business in a garden room could be a better option than signing up for a long term rental property, or paying regularly for an impersonal desk and chair in a hotdesking venue. While it’s true that the upfront cost might be larger, the garden room itself will add value to your property and will enable you to save in the long run, making it a strong investment.

Setting up a business in a garden room also allows you much greater freedom, often making it a great way to get your business off the ground. We have a range of beautiful off-plan designs to help get things up and running quickly, you can also personalise the space to reflect the needs of your business and ambitions.

Whether you need an office space for one, or a larger show room or studio space to host clients, we can help you find the most affordable option to suit your exact budget. During our consultation process, our designers can guide you through the standard premium features of all our rooms as well as all the suitable upgrades. Plus, our experts can talk through anything else you might need to know, like business rates for garden room offices.

Garden Room-based Businesses Ideas

From affordability to a better work-life-balance, there are lots of great reasons to run a business from a garden room. Whatever you do, we’re here to create the ideal surroundings to help you succeed. Starting by offering a range of inexpensive and simple, yet beautifully hand-crafted garden rooms – made from high quality, long lasting materials to ensure your investment is protected.

Importantly, all our buildings come with everything necessary – electrics, lighting, internet – set up and ready to use before we leave. Plus, our double-layered construction and high-grade insulation, that comes as standard, and underfloor heating options, means that you can keep running your business from your garden room 365 days a year in total comfort.

For a little inspiration, here are some of the businesses that are often
successfully run from garden rooms:

Creative Studio

Impress clients and colleagues alike with a stunning handbuilt garden room made from high quality materials. Feel inspired in a room that is personalised to your own taste, with all the premium fixtures and fittings you want. For example, after the build you might want to invest in floor to ceiling storage for a sleek minimalist look. From high powered computers to surround sound and conferencing equipment, add all the smart tech you need. Select for the Classic range if you want a 2-room option to allow for a more relaxed, computer free ‘breakout’ space to let your creativity flow. If you have the vision, we can make it happen.

Dog Grooming

If you’ve a passion for pups as well as the right experience and qualifications, then setting up a business in a garden room could be the ideal solution. Even our most inexpensive garden rooms are beautifully finished inside, and out, with painted plaster and stunning hardwood cladding. Plumbing and electrics can be added to support all the dog grooming necessary equipment. Upgrade to soundproofing to keep the neighbours happy. Perhaps even consider a 2-room on the Classic range to accommodate a waiting room for when business is booming. We can create something completely bespoke, or stick to our off-plan designs if you want to keep costs down. Whatever your budding business needs, let us find the right garden room solutions for your business.

Beauty Salon

There’s something wonderful about being able to host a beauty business in the privacy of your own back garden. The Classic range could be perfect for your needs: while every Classic room is finished with painted plaster, and luxury oak engineered wood flooring to make the space feel welcoming, our premium interiors can be finished to your specification to create just the ambiance and experience you want for your clients. Need plumbing for a salon sink? No problem. Want absolute quiet? We can add soundproofing. Only have limited space? Not to worry – our garden rooms for business come as small as 2m x 2m, or can even be bespoke designed to fit into a snug corner plot. Our process is completely consultative so let us create the Beauty Salon of your dreams.

Exquisitely Crafted, Industry-leading Garden Rooms For Business

Electrics and internet ready

Without exception, our garden rooms come with the necessary electrics included to let you get your business up and running straight away.

Premium Cedar Clad Exterior

This stunning, hard-wearing, hard-wood finish comes at no extra cost, helping to keep your business space warm while protecting your investment. (High quality Douglas Fir is used on Essence rooms.)

Built for comfort

With a double-layered wall construction and high-grade insulation you can feel cosy all year round.

Little luxuries as standard

Complete with plastered or panelled interiors and premium flooring, you’ll find it easy to forget you’re running a business from a garden room.

Remote Controlled Under Floor Heating

Work in comfort, whatever the weather, with quality underfloor heating included (optional the Essence).

Double-glazed aluminium windows and doors

Opt for our Classic range for this sleek, modern look is standard in all our garden rooms, with the exception of our Essence range.

Our garden room for business are hand built using the highest quality materials. However, you can choose from a beautiful selection of designs and finishes to suit your budget and business needs. Expect nothing less than perfection from either of our ranges:

Expect nothing less than perfection

eDEN Essence

Our simplest garden office room, the Essence is our beautiful standard room. Hand-crafted from premium materials, our most affordable range comes in a selection of pre-designed plans based on a limited number of sizes. Choose to upgrade on some finishes, or not, with this stunning yet inexpensive solution to your working from home needs.

eDEN Classic

There’s nothing standard about our beautiful mid-range collection. The affordable Classic comes with underfloor heating, premium cedar cladding and aluminium windows and doors included. There are also an impressive range of upgrades available to make your garden office room everything you hoped for, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run a business from a garden room?

Yes. Running a business from a garden room could be the ideal solution when you need space, privacy and peace to focus. And when its handcrafted from high quality materials like one of ours, you’ll also find it a stunning addition to your home. What’s more you’ll find that it’s often a more affordable option than long-term rental, or indeed adding an extension onto your house.

However, you should note that some types of garden rooms for business use do require Planning Permission. Especially if you expect to host clients regularly. Speak to our team for our expert advice.

How big can a home office be?

In terms of the footprint of the building, the size of any garden room is only limited by the amount of space allowed. However, there are some exceptions, especially when it comes needing Planning Permission. The maximum size to fit within Permitted Development rules is 30m2 based on internal floor space (including partition walls) Anything bigger and you will need to get Planning Permission. Also, should you wish to increase the ceiling height from our standard 2.5 to 3 metres you will need Planning Permission unless the room can be placed at a minimum distance of 2 metres from all boundaries. Talk to our experts about planning the perfect garden room for your business.

Do I need permission to run a business from my garden room?

The answer is, sometimes. Planning Permission is needed if you intend to invite clients to your garden room for business purposes. Why not speak to our expert team who will be able to help get any necessary approval sorted.

Do I have to pay business rates on a garden office?

Business rates for garden room office may apply. It is worth speaking to your local
authority to check before you go ahead. But in most situations, garden offices and small businesses are usually offered significant relief on business rates.

Can I claim for an office in my garden?

Sadly, it’s not possible to claim the full cost of a garden room for business as a business expense. On the other hand, it is absolutely fine to include any fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Can I reclaim VAT on my garden room?

If you pay VAT as a partnership, Limited Company or Sole Trader, the good news is, you can reclaim VAT when running a business from a garden room. That includes the cost of installing it, and all the fixtures and fittings.

Can my Garden Room have Multiple Rooms?

Our multi-room garden offices are more popular than ever. They’re an attractive and affordable way to add value and space to your property, while giving you the lifestyle you desire. We offer a range of 2-room garden building options that allow you to add extra storage or indeed a hobby room, gym space or teen retreat, while keeping the sanctuary of you garden office room intact. Speak to the team about how we can help bring your multi-space ideas to life.

Will my Garden Room Come With Storage?

Whilst extra storage doesn’t come as a standard feature, we do have lots of neat storage solutions on offer, including a 2-room garden office option that gives you a separate dedicated store area on the side of your office space. The exterior is finished exactly as the main building meaning the finished look is every bit as stunning, and fantastically useful too.

Can my Garden Room Have a Toilet or Shower Room?

We fully understand why you ask. Who doesn’t want to be able to work in comfort and not have to pop to the house every time you need to take a natural break or have a shower after using the gym. It is all absolutely possible but does tend to add significant cost to the project. That said, done in the right way, the use case may well justify the extra investment. Talk to one of our experts to discuss the options.

Two people sit outside a modern wooden garden room with glass doors. They are seated on metal chairs at a small round table, surrounded by greenery and a manicured lawn.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it

Office & Integrated Shed Storage, Hertfordshire
Delightfully bright garden room in Bushey, Hertfordshire, with a beautiful and well-thought-out design.
Gym & Integrated Shed Storage, Thames Ditton
Contemporary space – perfect for a busy family to use all year round!
Music Room, Tunbridge Wells
Lovely garden room in Tunbridge Wells, designed especially to use as a music studio.

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