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Designing the Interior of Your Garden Office Pod: 15 Tips for Success

November 30, 2023
So, you’ve decided a garden office pod is for you. Congratulations, great decision! But with…
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5 reasons artists and creatives love garden studios

November 24, 2023
From Roald Dhal to Ed Sheeran, famous, and not so famous, writers, musicians, sculptors, designers…
BlogGarden Office

5 reasons why garden rooms are the perfect addition to your home

November 20, 2023
Call us biased, but with over 10-years of expertise hand-crafting beautiful garden rooms, we think…
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Top 10 smart home devices for your garden office

November 10, 2023
After over a decade spent building beautiful garden offices, we know the importance of having…
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The benefits of an insulated garden office: comfort and energy efficiency

November 1, 2023
As the nights are drawing in and we start to smell the wood fires burning,…
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Garden Studio Storage Solutions: Organising Your Creative Space

October 20, 2023
Got a creative hobby? Should that also read a messy hobby? If the answer is…