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With the trend towards outdoor living still going strong, we are all looking for practical ways that we can enhance our gardens and create useful spaces that we can enjoy year-round. Garden rooms with bathrooms are becoming an ever-popular option, but of course, the groundworks and connections required to include water and waste within your plans will naturally add to budget and increase disruption during build. So, is including an integrated bathroom in your garden room worth it? With more than a decade of garden room builds (with and without bathrooms) under our belts, here’s our professional view on whether the long-term convenience is worth the initial investment.

Maximise productivity and comfort

If you’re making the lifestyle change to work from home full time, retreating to your garden office for the working day is a great way to create separation from the house. If you’re needing to traipse up and down your garden every time nature calls, this could disrupt your productivity (and we all know a quick loo break can easily spiral into ‘just’ unloading the dishwasher or hanging out the laundry, and before you know it you’ve been away from your desk for half an hour!).

With an integrated bathroom and running water, you’ll have everything you need in your garden room to keep you going all day. As well as an integrated bathroom within your garden room, why not consider a kitchenette with tea and coffee station to really give you that ideal home office set up? If we are thinking about maximising our working day, a garden room with an integrated bathroom definitely gets the thumbs up for efficiency.

Future proof your garden room for other uses

Sure, you may be building the garden office room you need right now, but who knows what that studio may need to become in the future, either for yourself or for future owners of the property. When building a garden room with a bathroom, you create the option for the space to be used in a huge variety of additional ways, such as for occasional overnight guests, or perhaps a home gym.

This is especially true when considering garden rooms in homes with young families. Whilst the children may currently be too young to enjoy the garden room without adult supervision, the prospect of having a teenage den away from the home, or a venue for gaming sessions or sleepovers may be a welcome relief in the future as your children get older. Having a bathroom within the garden room will help keep any chaos contained (and of course you can create your own rules and rotas for cleaning once their friends have left!).

Give visitors facilities outside of the main house

If your garden room is party to frequent visitors, be it clients in a home beauty salon or gym business, or perhaps colleagues attending occasional work meetings, having a second toilet can be a professional and practical way to keep visitors away from the main house. Eliminate the need to worry about having the house (and family bathroom) guest-ready at all times by creating a self-contained bathroom for the exclusive use of visitors, guests or clients.

Not only does this remove any pressure on the main household, but it also creates a professional impression for your small business, and a practical separation between home and work life. You may opt just for a toilet and basin, or many personal trainers we have worked with choose to offer a full shower room to their visiting clients. Whatever you have in mind, eDEN Garden Rooms can make a reality.

Another toilet for alfresco entertainment

As soon as the sun starts to shine we all envisage long afternoons and evenings with friends in the garden. Barbecues, children’s parties, perhaps even a mini music festival, whatever level of entertaining you’re looking to achieve, what’s for certain is it’s easier to host if you have a fully functional bathroom in easy reach of your guests.

Not only does the convenience of a garden bathroom trump a trip back to the main house, but it also prevents the inevitable muddy shoes (hello British summertime) from trampling through your home every time someone needs the loo. Better yet, if you’re making the investment into having running water installed in your garden room, why not go the extra mile and opt for a fully functional bar area? With a sink and tap installed you can have your very own Club Tropicana at the bottom of your garden, whilst enjoying summer tunes from the integrated speakers. What’s not to love about that!?

Increased property value

If a future house move is a possibility, consider how prospective buyers may view an extra bathroom. Garden rooms with bathrooms can prove a very attractive bonus for an interested buyer, and the flexibility that this offers may be just the thing to sinch a deal. Not only that but having the comfort and convenience of a garden bathroom will also add value to your home, so it’s well worth weighing up the cost vs the potential future gains if a sale is on the cards for you.

Of course, the investment in building a garden room with a bathroom varies for every property, and largely depends on where your water and waste connections are located. eDEN Garden Rooms offer a free design survey, so we can design and price-up your dream garden room with a bathroom without any obligation, so that you can weigh up the benefits to your home, lifestyle and house value.

In our opinion, if a garden room with a toilet room is something that will benefit your life, save you time and potentially add value in the long run, it’s worth doing. When considering garden room suppliers, be sure to use a company who can manage the full works so you don’t have to coordinate separate suppliers. For just a few weeks of disruption you’ll have a fully self-contained studio that can act as a bolthole for work, rest and play. In our view, that’s time and money very well spent!

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