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A modern wooden cabin with large windows and glass doors is illuminated at dusk. An outdoor grill covered with a black cover sits on a deck in front of the cabin, adjacent to a cozy garden room that invites relaxation.

This month has seen the completion of a large and lovely L-shaped garden room for our Commercial Director, Wes. Located in a corner of his generous garden in Upminster, this multi-use studio will act predominantly as an office space where Wes will interact with many Eden customers both virtually and in person, but also as a family games room and occasional overnight space for visitors.

Measuring 5.6 x 5m on its longest sides, the bespoke layout of Wes’s studio includes an integrated shower room and tailor-made decking area for socialising on warmer days. The unique garden office benefits from stylish sliding doors, plus a host of additional glazing, including a floor-to-ceiling window, high-level letterbox windows and additional large windows surrounding the desk space for an inspiring outlook.

A modern garden room with large windows is illuminated by exterior lights at dusk. A covered outdoor kitchen unit sits on the deck, enveloped by surrounding bushes and a fence.

Wes’s room showcases a fantastic example of a custom made Eden Classic garden room, and therefore is a great option if you’re looking to view one of our studios before you place your order. Viewings of Wes’s room can be booked via the enquiries team by calling our main office line 0800 0935339 or emailing