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Call us biased, but with over 10-years of expertise hand-crafting beautiful garden rooms, we think they’re pretty darn special. From their time-saving advantages to their life-enhancing benefits, here is why we think any garden room idea would make the perfect addition to any home.

A small, modern wooden cabin with large glass sliding doors and a low sloped roof, set in a green, leafy backyard, perfect for garden rooms.

1) Planning Perks of Garden Rooms

Save time and money extending your home with a wonderful garden room. Ideas can include garden gyms, garden offices and even garden movie theatres. As a general rule, it’s possible to extend your living space with a beautifully hand-built garden room without the need for planning permission. As an outbuilding, garden rooms don’t fall under usual planning laws, making the whole process quicker and less hassle.

However, as with everything, there are a few exceptions to watch out for:

  • If you live in a conservation area, or a very new build (which sometimes come with no outhouse clauses)
  • If your garden room idea is to be built over the standard 2.5m eves height within 2m of the boundary line. The extra room height might add a little extra admin, but it could be well worth the bother. Especially if you’re your new garden room idea is destined to become a gym housing tall equipment
  • Finally, the footprint of your garden room idea mustn’t take up more than 50% of the land around the original house. 

Since advice will vary based on your unique home and location, be sure to consult your garden room ideas specialists if in any doubts about planning permission, who will be happy to help.   

2) A cost-effective way to extend your living space

With the cost of materials still on the rise you only have to speak to a builder to discover that even the smallest extension to your home will now leave a big dent in your pocket. Opting for a garden room idea is an affordable and effective way to create a flexible additional space that is every bit as homely and comfortable as your home yet offering welcome seclusion and separation from everyday life. And as your new garden room will come with freshly painted plastered walls, fully fitted with high-standard electrics, heating and premium flooring thrown it, it’s easy to see why the idea of a garden room is so attractive.

3) All-year-around space

We think the garden room is the ideal year-round retreat. Which is why an absolute garden room idea essential in our book is to make sure high-grade insulation is included into every build. Insulation fitted into the floors, all walls, and ceiling cavities ensures that any heat inside remains trapped. For good measure, we also always include residential-standard double glazed windows and doors, premium flooring for comfort underfoot, and quality heating. That means, whichever garden room idea you opt for, you’ll be sure it’s set up and ready for use whatever the weather.  

4) Garden room ideas that help you escape the house

Whether your garden room is to be used for work or play, they offer a brilliant bonus space capable of enriching everyday life. Some garden room ideas offer a little much-needed alone time, while others offer a chance to enjoy each other’s company in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do in the main house. Here are a few life-enhancing garden room ideas for couples and families:

The garden bar, a sociable garden room idea 

Who doesn’t love the idea of inviting friends and family to gather on a sunny afternoon? Choose the bar or cabinet to suit your taste. Throw in some mood-adjustable spotlights and upgrade your space with a wraparound decking and you’ve got a garden room idea that’s fit for hosting.

A group of four young adults are in a bright garden room with large windows. Two are playing pool, while the other two are seated on a sofa watching TV. The room has wooden flooring, adding to its inviting atmosphere.

The musical garden room idea

Whether you’re the next David Guetta, Ed Sheeran or just an avid listener, a garden room is the perfect place to escape the distractions of the main house and get in the zome. Plus, with soundproof plasterboard and specialist glazing treatments available as extras, there’s no need to be shy about making noise!

The movie theatre garden room idea

All you really need to bring your cinematic garden room idea to life are some comfy seats (go cinema -tyle if your budget can stretch to it), a projector, projector screen and some decent speakers. Okay, don’t forget hardwired internet and plenty of plug sockets to make sure you can stream your movies smoothly, but quality suppliers should have these included as standard 

The wonderful workspace garden room idea 

Our current most popular garden room idea is the garden office. Ideal for working from home, the office garden room is an idea that lets you perfectly separate work and home life, while doing away with the pesky commute.  

The garden room gym idea

If you’re struggling to find time to fit in a workout, or maybe you just prefer working out in your own space, then a garden room idea that offers space for staying fit should be right up your street. From yoga studios to fully kitted-out gyms, the choice is yours. 

The multi-use garden room idea 

Be it a single room or a 2- or 3-room build, the multi-use space is a great way to give your garden room ideas flexibility for the whole family. Think about including a chill out area (sofa or armchair, TV area) and plenty of storage for family games. Dividing the space into clear zones is a great way to make the multi-use garden room idea work well for all. You’ll find you can fit it two or three ideas above into one wonderfully flexible space. 

5) Garden room ideas give you the freedom to make it your own

The real beauty of building your own garden room is that you can really make it your own. When it comes to putting your own touches to your garden room the ideas are endless. From complete bespoke shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into even the most awkward garden plot, to fabulous full height sliding doors that allow you to open the whole space to the elements. With buildings that are built from scratch on site, like every Eden, you don’t even have to worry about access restrictions. For the ultimate comfort, you can even have a stylish WC fitted. With the new generation of compost toilets, you could have a lovely looking loo installed for minimal extra cost as there’s no need to do expensive digging and plumbing. So, the real question is… what garden room ideas have you got? 

Extending your home can be costly, drawn out and complicated. From the foundations to the finishing touches you’ll need to make sure it’s all taken care of. Alternatively, by picking a garden room idea that works for your needs means you’ll have a beautiful, personalised space up and running in hardly any time at all. Feeling inspired? Get in touch with our design team and let’s help get your garden room ideas off the ground.

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