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We all know, whenever you’re looking into making a new purchase (especially one that’s high value and will impact your lifestyle), there’s nothing better or more helpful in your decision making than recommendations from previous customers. And the same goes for garden rooms – after all, when investing in a significant change to your property, you want to be sure that the supplier you use comes very highly recommended.

As garden room industry leaders who have built hundreds of different garden room projects, we are thrilled that so much of our new business now comes from friend-to-friend, or neighbour-to-neighbour referrals. Not just because we are a small family-run business who don’t have budgets to splurge on glossy advertising campaigns, but because this means that our past customers really rate our service and product, and that we are creating lots of happy, satisfied customers.

Our latest case study, this lovely garden gym near Hampton Court, is a great example of a friend-to-friend recommendation which has resulted in our new client building the garden room they’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Bespoke garden gym near Hampton Court - UK

This client had seen a completed eDEN studio in a friend’s garden for a number of years and had always looked at it with admiration, recognising how a garden studio could improve his own garden and lifestyle. He finally gave us a call, and after a site visit and 2 or 3 rounds of design tweaks, we were commissioned to create his very own bespoke garden gym. His dream was about to become a reality!

This lovely 8 x 4.5m garden studio is designed to be a home gym – making workouts more pleasant, productive and private, with just a short walk from the house and a hot shower! We included a garden room feature wall on the right-hand side to add interest, and emphasised this by setting the integrated shed store further back.

Garden room with feature wall and hidden storage - eDEN

As this space is to be used as a gym, we included reinforced flooring to a section of the main gym space, where weights and heavy gym equipment could be used. As you can see, the front of the garden room features a lovely large set of four-door bi-folds, which can be opened up in the warmer months for an al-fresco workout. Small windows have also been included on the left and rear elevation to let in more light and to increase ventilation.

Bespoke Garden Gym Floor PLan

For the next 6 months we are offering a £150 incentive to any past eDEN customers who recommend a new customer who goes on to place an order with us. So, if you’re a past eDEN customer whose friends and family keep complimenting your new outdoor space, get in touch and help us spread the eDEN message (and make a little money in the process!).

All referrals can chat to our friendly team on 0800 0935 339 or email