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So, you’ve decided a garden office pod is for you. Congratulations, great decision! But with so many design options to choose, how do you make sure you get it right? With over 10-years’ experience designing quality hand-built garden offices, we’ve got plenty of top tips to help you design not only the UK’s best garden office pod, but garden office pod that’s perfect just for you.

Getting started

Before you can even consider building your garden office pod dreams you’ve got to get planning.

1) Planning permission?

The good news is that it’s very unlikely that you’ll need planning permission for a garden office pod, UK– wide. That’s because as an ‘outbuilding’ a garden office pod falls within the usual permitted development rules. There are exceptions, like living in a conservation area or restrictions sometimes applied to new-build estates, so check your deeds for clarification and speak to your expert design team if you have any doubts.

2) Budget

Before you start, you’re going to want to make sure your garden office pod project doesn’t leave you out of pocket. Our top tip is to get multiple quotes and make sure you check the details for what’s included. Look out for hardwearing, high-quality materials especially when it comes to construction, and windows (where some low-grade pod fitters tend to cut corners). You’ll want residential grade windows for security peace of mind and quality that will last.

What else comes as standard? Watch out for quotes that sound good and then add-on essentials as optional extras as they soon add up. Electrics, plastering, insulation and heating are all necessary to ensure you are comfortable in your garden office pod all-year round, so shouldn’t they come included in the price? Eden thinks so. Which is why you’ll find all your must-have fixtures and fittings thrown in. Allowing you to see your costs up front and budget accordingly.

3) Size

Is your best garden office pod option going to be fit for purpose? Plot out the planned space in your garden, and indoors to compare it with your existing office. You want to make sure that a small pod isn’t going to be too snug. Equally, you might find that bigger isn’t always better. Be pragmatic about how much garden you’re willing to lose especially if you’re sharing it with family. There will be some pretty put out kids if you build your garden office pod across their football pitch. Of course, you may even consider a larger pod to accommodate for a multiuse office. Multi-use garden office pods make brilliant home gyms, entertainment spaces and even the occasional over-night stay spot. Check out our recent blog on the subject for more multi-use garden office pod ideas.

Finessing the fixtures and fittings

Getting the essentials right and ready before you move into your beautiful new garden office pod.

4) Windows and doors

Do you want a light and airy garden office pod or something cosier and free from distraction? With a range of window options, from off-the-shelf to more bespoke porthole design, the choice is yours. Add sliding doors to truly open your space onto the garden. Look for a ‘Secure by design’ guarantee, or similar, for greater security assurance.

5) Lighting

Integrated spotlights are a great place to start and come fitted as standard in all Eden garden office pods. For extra warmth consider a stylish movable standing lamp with a warm, rather than cold bold bulb fitted.

6) Electrics

“Sorry, you’re breaking up…” No home office pod is complete without a quality internet connection. Hardwired internet can be fitted at no extra cost to your garden office pod to ensure there are no of those awkward conference call dropouts. Be smart and decide where you’ll want your desk, server equipment and any other electronics ahead of time so you can make sure you have enough sockets fitted throughout, and in all the right places. And don’t forget, you don’t have to stick with drab old white plastic fittings. We supply brushed steel sockets and switches as our stylish go-to to give your garden office pod a feeling of elegance.

7) Heating

Free up usable wall space to maximise the size of your garden office pod by concealing your heating under the floor. Giving off a lovely even heat it’s easily capable of keeping the temperature inside your office pod at a steady comfortable level, whatever the weather throws at it outside.

8) Flooring

Avoid fitting cheap laminate flooring in your garden office pod where possible as this won’t last. Our personal preference is luxury Engineered Oak Wood flooring. Stylish, comfortable and hardwearing, it’s a quality that’s a cut above the usual.

9) Painted plastered walls

If you’re looking for a calming homely feel, then you’ll want your garden office pod finished to a high standard with plastered walls painted in the colour of your choice. Paint choice is a chance to set the tone for the rest of the space, from Scandi vibes to contemporary classics. Checkout paint brand Lick for some wonderful contemporary colour inspiration.

Themes to add those personal touches

Pick your garden office pod theme and go all out to create something with real personality.

10) Nature inspired

Bring nature in to your garden office pod with natural wood furnishings and bold leaf wallpapers. You could go one step further with some fun animal posters and why not bring some more usable natural elements like a cork board wall.   

11) Game On

Whitewash the walls, and introduce some playful colourful LED lights or a custom neon sign to accentuate the gaming vibes of your office pod at different times of day. Simple floating shelves are a great place to house your anime character collection. Decorate your walls with pixel inspired hexagon tiles.

12) Scandi minimal

Choose cool cream garden office pod walls, white or cream desk and storage and a pop of colour in your sofa or seating is a great start. Invest in a stylish throw and a feature lamp to bring the look together.

13) Into the Wild

Go fun and fabulous with an office pod full of colourful and bold animal prints. From wallpapers to soft furnishings to wall art there are lots of great ideas online to help you achieve your finished look. Pair with simple white furniture to let the colours pop, or combine with an industrial-style desk to offset the flamboyance.

14) Modern retro

Star with a 1930s inspired desk, introduce a splash of colour, like a burnt orange and mustard, to the walls of your garden office pod. Add a contrasting-coloured luxurious desk lamp and oversized modern retro mirror to spread the natural light and lift the darkness of the furniture.

Finally, why not add a high-quality optional extras

Sometimes it’s worth splashing out that little bit more for that extra bit of luxury and comfort.

15) Add a WC

The idea of a compost toilet might sound a bit wild-camping to be a luxury, but not these days. A quality, comfortable and good-looking loo can be added to your garden office pod with very little extra hassle and cost thanks for the lack of need for extra plumbing and sanitation. It’ll be well worth the investment to make working and enjoying your garden office pod that bit more comfortable all-year around.

Design your own from our pick of the UK’s best garden office pod ideas

Well, there you have our whistle-stop tour on how to design the best garden office pod for you. If our 15-tips to success weren’t quite enough to get you to your final design, why not get in touch with one of team and let us help you realise your office pod dreams.

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