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The beauty of working with a tailor-made garden room supplier is that you have the flexibility to select the fittings that you want, including door and window styles that make your garden room unique. Here at eDEN Garden Rooms, we offer a wide selection of styles which can be personalised to your taste, and our garden room design experts can help to guide you through choosing the option that best works for your space.

Garden room door styles

Of course, all garden rooms need some kind of door for access, but a door can become an incredible feature for your garden home office, studio or family room. Here are the various garden studio door systems that we offer, and their benefits.

Sliding doors

Our standard door model for garden rooms are classic sliding doors, which are a fantastic choice for style and practicality. Featuring two large door panes that measure a total of 2.7m wide, these doors slide in front of each other to create an extra wide access point. As there are only two panes, your view to the garden is largely un-interrupted, with just one frame divide. In garden rooms with sliding doors, the panes stretch the full height of your garden room, making great use of the space.

Bifold doors

We can fit our garden rooms with bi-fold doors as an optional upgrade, which are an incredibly popular and stylish choice. A standard three-door bifold has the benefit of having a larger open space when folded, giving you a fantastic fluidity between your garden studio and the outside space. The width of a standard three-door bi-fold is 2.7m, and this can go larger if required as we offer 4 or even 5 door bi-folds in our garden studios.

An important consideration with bi-folds in garden rooms is that the doors must stack on the outside of your building. The door stack is around 1 meter in depth, so may not be as suitable for studios in smaller gardens.

Yoga Studio with bi-fold doors

Triple track doors

They may not yet be as well-known as the bi-fold, but triple track system doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their combination of incredible style and functionality. Garden rooms with triple track doors have all the benefits of sliding doors, combined with the flexible opening style of a bi-fold door, creating a wide-open space into the garden.

Similar to bi-folds, all three of the doors on a triple track move, and you can choose whether to open them left or right, but like sliding doors they stack in front of one another, with one pane always remaining closed as the base. This is a fantastic option if you love the style of bi-folds in a garden room, but have a smaller garden and want to avoid a large door stack which takes up valuable space.

Garden room with triple track doors in Herfordshire

French Doors

Finally, French doors are a classic style that provides a lovely symmetrical appearance. Both doors can open (one will be the master and the other the slave) with the total opening size being around 1.6 meters; smaller than our other door systems.

If you love the idea of a garden room with French doors but want to have more glass across the front of your space, we can install a static vertical window either side of your French doors, giving the illusion of bi-folds, but with just two of the panes acting as access points.

Luxury Garden Room in Wimbledon - eDEN Garden Rooms

Can I have extra windows in my garden room?

As our service is bespoke, as well as doors we can also install windows in your garden studio to suit your requirements. These might be vertical floor-to-ceiling windows as mentioned above (perfect to extend a garden view, or create a panoramic corner feature), or you may want a variety of smaller windows for increased light and ventilation. During our site visit, we will discuss window positioning with you to make sure we are making the very best use of natural light and stunning garden views.

Garden yoga studios with vertical and letterbox windows

How can I personalise my garden room doors and windows?

As well as choosing your preferred style, and making practical choices such as the direction you’d like your doors to open, we can also tailor the finish to match your preferred aesthetics. Our doors and windows come in a standard colour, Anthracite Grey (RAL #7016) which can be matched to the facias of your garden room. If preferred we can offer you another colour as an upgrade, so be sure to let us know your ideas during your site visit and we can guide you through the options.

Do you have a garden studio design in mind? Speak to our helpful team of experts and book your site visit today 0800 0935 339.

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