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Garden offices by their very nature are spaces that you need to be comfortable working in all year round. Whether there’s a summer heatwave or a winter blizzard going on outside, being able to focus within an ambient office environment is vital for ensuring you get the most out of your insulated garden office. And it’s not just your work productivity that can be influenced by the temperature of your workspace, but your overall wellbeing. Being too hot or cold for prolonged periods can lead to poor health and low mood, so making sure your insulated garden office maintains a comfortable temperature in every season is incredibly important. Having built garden rooms for over a decade, and with a whole host of heating and cooling solutions on offer across our range of insulated garden offices, here are our top tips on how to choose the best option for your garden office.

Consider the location and size of your insulated garden office

When choosing where to put your insulated garden office, thinking about the sun and shade on offer in your garden may have an impact on how quickly the room naturally heats and cools. For example, if your garden office is south facing and enjoys the sun beaming onto glass doors all day, you may find the room gets warmer quicker. Positioning your insulated garden office to enjoy the best of the views and weather, and including a glazing design to compliment this is key to achieving a comfortable balance in your garden room. Whatever the location of your garden office, choosing a supplier who includes a superior level of insulation in the walls, floors and roof is key to creating a space that works in all seasons.

If your garden room enjoys a particularly sunny position in your garden, you might consider adding extra tilting ventilation windows so that you can let plenty of cool fresh air circulate. Similarly, if you like the idea of opening up your office and letting the outside in, perhaps a set of bi-fold doors that you can fling open would work best. Remember, good garden room suppliers will be able to offer you glazing with integrated blinds as an optional upgrade, so you can block out direct sunlight if you need to.

Think about the aesthetics of your insulated garden office

Whilst there are a whole host of ways to heat and cool your garden office, thinking about how your choice impacts the overall aesthetics of your room is an important consideration. In smaller garden offices lacking space, discreet underfloor heating can be a clever way to warm the whole room evenly, without the need for wall-mounted radiators or panel heaters. The same logic applies when thinking about the furniture you will be selecting for your office. Wall mounted heaters need a furniture-free section of wall, so if you’re struggling to find a suitable spot for a radiator, underfloor heating could be the answer!

A combination air conditioning unit that both heats and cools is a popular choice for garden offices. Integrating a system such as this into the design of your garden room means that you won’t need a bulky free-standing air conditioning unit if you like to keep your room icey cool. These modern units are mounted on the wall and can be positioned so that they don’t distract from the overall style of your space.

Multifunctional garden rooms and heating

Is your insulated garden office only for work, or might it need to double up as a home gym or occasional overnight space? Thinking about the different ways that your room may be used for in the future is a great idea when weighing up your options for heating and cooling.

Many customers looking for a garden office combined with a garden gym tend to opt for the combination heating and cooling provided by an integrated air conditioning system, so they can create the right temperature whatever activity the room is being used for. Or, if your insulated garden office also needs to work as a cosy cinema room or occasional space for guests to stay, you might decide that toasty underfloor heating is the best option for creating an inviting and relaxing hub for the family to snuggle down.

Don’t forget the roof when you’re considering quality of insulation

Making sure all elevations of your garden office are well insulated is key to achieving a work environment that is comfortable in all weathers. Many people, when researching garden room suppliers, consider the quality of insulation in the walls (here at eDEN we use a high grade Polyisocvanurate insulation in the walls and floors…since you ask!), but the roof insulation is equally important in keeping your garden office warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

As part of our consistently high standard spec, here at eDEN we include a multifoil sheet of insulation in the roof, and top it off with a hard wearing EPDM rubber membrane. Waterproof, durable and highly insulated, you can be sure that your insulated garden office is just that, and as such you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much time you’re happy to spend in your workspace!

Make it Easy

So you’ve reduced the commute from a painful slog in traffic to a 30 second stroll to the bottom of your garden, but wouldn’t it be nice if your office was already toasty when you stepped through the doors? With Wi-Fi controlled underfloor heating in your garden office you can switch the heating on while you’re making your morning cuppa, knowing that it will already have warmed up by the time you arrive.

Likewise, if your work pattern is the same each day, consider a system that allows you to pre-set a timer, so you know that the heating comes on at the same time every day. With your office ready at a perfect temperature, you can step into your office equipped to take on another productive day.

Consider a sound insulation acoustic upgrade

Whilst we’ve discussed the heating and cooling impact of good quality garden room insulation, did you know that you can indeed add a further sound insulation upgrade, which effectively reduces the transmission of noise in and out of your garden room?

Our sound insulation upgrade package, perfect for music rooms and games rooms, includes an additional layer of premium SoundBloc insulation in the walls, floors and ceiling, along with a acoustic treatment on the glazing. Together these upgrades help to block out unwanted noise, so you can focus on your work in peace, whilst keeping any sensitive business conversations within the walls of your own perfectly insulated garden office.

Choosing an insulated garden office with a high specification, installed by experienced professionals, is crucial in creating the workspace you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you’re looking for toasty underfloor heating, cool air con, or an acoustic insulation for total privacy, the team at eDEN are ready to discuss your garden office plans. Get in touch today to start your garden room project.

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