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Whether you’re a professional musician, a budding guitarist or just have a passion for blasting your favourite tunes in your spare time; music is a hobby that arguably deserves a room of its own. And where better to enjoy making music without disturbing those around you than in your very own garden music studio. Creating a music studio in the garden not only adds a versatile, valuable extra feature to your home, but provides a space where you can express yourself musically without worrying about waking up sleeping children or upsetting your neighbours.

Having a dedicated garden music studio to pursue your career or hobby also means fewer distractions and more time to focus on what’s important – the music! However, when designing your ideal garden music studio, the quality and insulation of the garden room you build can have a direct influence on the acoustics of the space, and ultimately how much time you end up spending in there. That’s why an upgrade sound insulation package for your garden music studio is a sensible investment, and one that will help you get the most our of your new outdoor music room. And with over a decade of incredible garden studio builds under our belt, that’s not the only advice we have for those looking for a creative garden studio space. Here’s our expert guide of how to create an inspiring garden music room that hits all the right notes…

Choosing the Right Space For Your Garden Music Studio

As with buying a house, when planning a garden music room, it’s all about Location, Location, Location! Making sure you design and position your garden music studio to complement the layout and features of your garden can help maximise creativity whist solving some of the practical challenges that come with a garden room project. Natural surroundings can be really inspiring, so have a think about the vista that you’d like to look out on as you listen to your favourite album or compose a stunning symphony. Consider how that view changes throughout the seasons and whether you can invest in garden landscaping, or perhaps just some well-positioned potted plants, that can help to frame your garden music room view.

Considering factors like sunlight and shade is also important when deciding on garden room glazing positioning and design; either by encouraging lots of natural light into the space, or, if you’re more into a moody music cave vibe, limiting direct sunlight to keep things cosy. It’s also important to ensure you’re planning your garden room away from major tree routes or pipework which could interfere with the foundations of the studio. Our experienced team can help guide your decision on exactly where to put your garden music room to get the most out of your space and surroundings.

Essential Equipment For the Perfect Music Room Setup

Whatever your musical flavour, having the right equipment and set-up to play, record and edit your unique melodies is critical for a creative garden music studio. Connectivity to electrics and wi-fi is essential for most modern music production – no one wants to ruin a jam session because the electricity cut out! Make sure your garden room provider includes connections of power and utilities to your garden music room, and that they include power sockets and data points as standard. Need more? Just ask! Good bespoke garden room providers will be able to tailor the electricity hardware to your space, so there will be no pesky extension leads ruining the ambience of your studio session.

It’s always a good idea to visualise where your equipment will go within your garden music studio at design stage to maximise productivity. For example, do you need a desk set up for an editing suite that requires hardwired internet? Or perhaps you have a heavy amp or speaker that would benefit from some reinforced flooring? Our team can help conceptualise your garden music studio so you know exactly where everything goes, and the spec can be adapted ahead of time.

Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatments for your Garden Music Room

Now we know that you think your music rocks, but your neighbours may not share your passion for punk or want to hear it blasting across the garden late into the evening. Likewise, there’s nothing worse than a noisy bin lorry clattering by when you’re in the middle of recording a track. Whilst standard garden rooms enjoy a high level of heat insulation, we recommend a little something extra for those needing to reduce noise transmission in and out of their garden rooms. An acoustic upgrade package will add additional sound insulation to the walls, floor and ceiling, whilst a specialist acoustic treatment can be added to glazing in attempts to reduce sound transmission and improve the sound quality within your garden music studio. Ditch the noise cancelling headphones and rock out as loud as you like in your new insulated garden room.

Creating a music studio that inspires creativity

We know making music isn’t always about the practical features – a big part of it is about how you feel, and working in a space that inspires you is an important aspect of that. With a bespoke garden music room, your space is a blank canvas to tailor however you wish. You might want to let your surroundings do the hard work, and by including lots of glazing you can enjoy garden views to get your creative juices flowing. Or perhaps you need a big blank wall for a iconic mural of your favourite musician, or to show off your vast collection of CDs or vinyl. By considering what inspires you most at the planning stage of your garden music studio, you can ensure that the layout of your garden room works for you, and any extra features are included in your design. After all, your garden room should be just as unique as the music you create!

Don’t forget to create the perfect climate in your music studio

Even something as simple as ensuring you’re at a comfortable temperature can positively affect how productive you are in your space. Garden music rooms from trusted suppliers should be well insulated, along with a rubber EPDM roof to regulate the internal temperature, however you’ll also have the option of wall-mounted radiators, discreet underfloor heating or even a combination heating and cooling aircon system if your music sessions get you hot and bothered. Creating a garden music room that keeps you cosy year-round is an important step to making the most of your new studio in every season.

Thanks for reading our guide of essential steps to setting up your garden music room. If you’re feeling inspired to create a musical haven in your own back garden, why not get in touch with our expert team who can give you more information about planning a garden music studio project.

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