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As the nights are drawing in and we start to smell the wood fires burning, it’s time to say hello to autumn. And welcome the wonder that is a fully-insulated garden office. This is when you can really separate the wheat from the chaff. When the quality, hand-built insulated garden office really comes into its own. Here’s our eDEN-eye view on the benefits of an insulated garden office, especially when it comes to working in comfort and energy efficiency.

Why insulated garden offices are big on comfort

Working from home is here to stay. So, it’s no wonder that so many people are investing in their own self-styled and beautifully built, eDEN insulated garden offices.  

Affordable comfort

Fed up with working in the box room, or hopping between kitchen table and dressing table, many people crave the comfort of an office to call their own. Enter the insulated garden office. Built to your specification, it’s cheaper and quicker to build than extending your home, and in most instances comes without the need for planning permission. From design to delivery, you could be sitting at your new desk in a shiny new insulated garden office in as little as six weeks!    

A home from home 

However, when it comes to choosing an insulated garden office supplier, and how much to invest, how do you know what’s worth paying out for? For us, insulation is absolutely key. Which is why you’ll find high-grade insulation is fitted as standard in all our builds. But that’s not all we always include as standard in our quotes. From superior electrics (including hardwired internet, plenty of sockets and spotlights), painted plastered walls and traditional, hard-wearing timber frame construction with premium cladding, an insulated garden office should be designed for comfort and built to last. 

Warm and cosy all-year around

So, an insulated garden office will stay warm all year, right? Absolutely! But only if done right. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. Beware a quote that fails to include heating and quality insulation as standard. What looks great value at first sight isn’t always. Tagging on the things that you are definitely going to need to make your insulated garden office fit for 365-day use is a sure-fire way to see the price of your build rocket up unexpectedly. Or worse, you opt out and end up having to spend cash later down the line installing your own to make sure it’s properly insulated. Garden offices fitted with high-grade insulation to the ceiling, floors and all external walls are wonderful cosy places to be, rain or shine. Get it right first time and you’ll never look back. 

So how do you heat an insulated garden office?

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your insulated garden office at a lovely even temperature throughout the seasons while also freeing up wall space for furniture. For added comfort, luxury engineered oak wood flooring is warmer underfoot than the cheaper laminate alternatives. However, there’s also a neat new alternative to underfloor heating in the form of a compact air conditioning unit. Remotely controlled and capable of heating as well as cooling, they are the ideal solution for an insulated garden office located in a sunny spot.

There’s comfort in the flexibility of an insulated garden office

Unlike making do with a spare room in your home, the insulate garden office can be built around your needs. Sized to fit, be that 2-room, multi-use insulated garden office, or a cute and compact desk-only space, this is a place designed and built to enhance your lifestyle. Boosting your work-life balance the insulated garden office offers the perfect separation between work life and home life, without the costly and soul crushing commute. From the windows and doors to the colour of the walls, right down to installing some compact gym equipment, you get to make it work for the way you love to work. On top of the huge mental health benefits of working surrounded by nature, having an insulated garden office you’re comfortable to work in, and proud to show off, is great for productivity, self-esteem and job satisfaction.  

Why insulated garden offices are so energy efficient

So, why is it worth giving over a patch of your garden to dedicate to a workspace? With the cost of living going up and up, there are still lots of reasons to make the leap to an insulated garden office, not least for their energy efficiency.

An insulated garden office built to retain heat

Choosing a quality insulated garden office will give you the peace of mind to know that it’s been built with energy efficiency in mind. Look for high-end insulation. We favour Polyisocvanurate for the floors and all walls, and thick multifoil fitted in the roof. Both act as strong barriers to heat loss while allowing any warmth from the sun to filter in. However, you should also, consider the details of the build, like double layered timber construction and residential standard double-glazed windows and doors. These will ensure that there is no unnecessary heat loss elsewhere. There’s nothing more off putting than trying to have a Zoom call while shivering, so make sure yours is a superior insulated garden office in every detail.

Insulated garden offices let you heat only what you need

Who hasn’t sat working from home dressed in two jumpers and a scarf? Even if you try to make do without heating for the first few months of Autumn, Winter is no time to scrimp on heating, not if you want to stay fit and healthy that is. So, the real beauty of a compact insulated garden office, and thus not working from your home, is that you’re able to heat only the space you use, and not the whole house. With smart technology now available, you can even programme the heating system in your insulated garden office to turn on a short time before you arrive and turn off at ‘home time’ so that you don’t waste a minute on heating an unoccupied space. 

So, as you can see, for energy efficiency and the ultimate in WFH comfort, the insulated garden office has so many wonderful benefits.

Why not speak to an expert about designing your very own eDEN insulated garden office and start planning yours today.

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