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Even just a few years ago, the idea of remote work was frowned on by most companies. The idea of working from home, even part-time, would have been deemed a luxury afforded to the lucky few. While covid played a big part in forcing us to change our working habits nation-wide, it’s the growth in the capabilities and popularity of smart garden offices that is helping to change the way we work for good. 

More and more companies are not only offering hybrid working but even closing offices permanently in favour of a fully remote workforce. Some are even funding the set-up of smart garden offices in the homes of their staff. Here we look at how greater connectivity, and new hi-tech fixtures and fittings are making remote work more attractive than ever – to both employers and employees alike.

Optimising your smart office for work

For companies to feel comfortable encouraging employees to work remotely they need to know you’re able to work effectively, efficiently, and just as collaboratively as you would in the office. Thanks to a whole host of new tech, smart garden offices are capable of offering this, and so much more.

Staying connected

For any business being run from a garden room, it’s a given that you’ll need lighting, a reliable power supply, plenty of sockets, telephone connection and a decent internet connection. That’s why these come as standard in eDEN garden rooms. Included in this is a hard-wired internet point via CAT6 which offers connection as powerful as any rental office space. For a small upgrade, multiple ethernet cables can be fitted to ensure that seamless connectivity is virtually guaranteed, regardless of how far from the main house your smart garden office is positioned.

Collaboration tools

Gone are the days of broken conference calls. And beyond your basic zoom call with pinhole camera, your smart garden office can be wired with the latest interactive conference call systems to help teams meet, present to clients and co-work with ease. Cisco is just one of the many, whose Webex Desk Pro is an AI-powered touch screen with conference camera built in. It even comes with creative collaborative applications like digital whiteboarding for a good old-fashioned group brainstorming session (albeit virtual).

Maximising space, minimising mess

Smart IOT devices are brilliant for limiting the amount of visual clutter in your space. Many are wireless and at the heart of this is a central hub, of which a smart speaker is often key. Both Amazon and Google offer smart assistant systems that allow you to control multiple devices from one central hub. Change the background music, adjust the temperature in the room, and more, with one device, and using only your voice. Not unlike having your own personal assistant. 

Optimising the safety and energy-efficiency of your smart office

Whether you’re running a business from home or working for someone else, you’ll want to be sure that your smart garden office is secure and not costing the earth on energy bills. Luckily there’s tech for that too.


With smart garden office full of tech, security will always be a concern. Any decent garden room company will ensure that all windows and doors are double-glazed and fitted with residential standard locks as a minimum. All eDENs come with fixtures accredited by ‘Secure by Design’. In addition to this you’ll want to consider fitting a Ring Doorbell, or indeed additional smart security systems to your smart garden office to give you that extra piece of mind. Ring, Simplisafe and Hive all offer connected video security systems that can be managed remotely and are easily installed. Speak to your garden room specialist about helping set up smart security in your home office. 

Smart plugs

Although your smart garden office should come fitted with plenty of plug sockets as standard, you can optimise the use of most electric appliances by installing your own WIFI-enabled smart plugs. Amazon have their own Alexa-controlled plugs, however there are lots of other affordable options on the market. The smart plug goes directly into the socket connected to your appliance’s plug and can then be used on everything from lamps to laptop chargers to monitor and control each remotely. Great for tracking and minimising your energy use. And perfect if you want your kettle boiled and ready for a cuppa the moment you arrive at work.  

Optimising working conditions

Working from home isn’t just about getting the work done, it’s also about creating the right environment for boosting mood and wellbeing, which ultimately will improve the quality of your output. So, really, it’s win-win.  

Work in comfort

Your smart garden office can be fitted with WIFI-controlled underfloor heating to keep you cosy all-year-around. The beauty of underfloor heating (other than freeing up vital wall space) is that it gives out a gentle even heat. You’ll be able to programme your heating to be ready for you to start your working day and set it to lower to a minimum heat during the evening. Thus, saving on bills while making it a welcome place to arrive at work each day.

Staying cool headed

For year-round comfort and temperature control you can’t beat air conditioning. Our team supply and fit compact Daikin air conditioning & heating units complete with remote that can be set to blow out cool air in the summer, or a blast of warmer air if your smart garden office just needs a quick top-up during those unexpectedly chilly spring days. For a slight upgrade, your unit can be controlled via an app on your phone.

Setting the tone

Built-in WIFI controlled indoor lighting can be fitted to any smart garden office. Spotlights are ideal for reducing clutter and can be fitted with remotely adjusted dimmers to help you set the mood through your workday. You can also choose motion-sensor triggered lighting, which are standard in an eDEN, but this can be distracting if on constantly. Consider the motion-setting for use out-of-hours and you’ll be greeted by automatic lighting anytime you need to pop back in of an evening. 

Brighter workspaces

It’s not all about connectivity. Okay, the tech is brilliant, but don’t lose sight of the benefits of working surrounded by nature for improving your personal wellbeing. Smart garden offices with large windows enable plenty of natural light into your works space that is great for enhancing your mood. Plus, why not think about opting for large sliding or bi-fold doors so you can really feel at-one with nature. 

That said, bright sunlight isn’t always the ideal companion to computer screens. Avoid screen glare on sunnier days by fitting blinds. (Our premium option is to fit integral or in-glass blinds.) So, whether you want to throw open the windows and doors, or bring the blinds down for a presentation, you can easily adjust your environment throughout the day as the sun moves across your garden.


Not only is a smart garden office perfect for running your business from, but you might also consider improving your health and fitness by tagging an extra room onto your workspace as a dedicated gym. From Peloton machines to video-guided yoga sessions, a range of technology and gym equipment can be installed to help you schedule in a convenient workout around work hours. 

With so much adaptable and practical connected tech available for businesses big and small it’s easy to see how smart garden offices and remote working are here to stay. From the exquisitely styled and surprisingly Eden Essence to the totally bespoke and beautifully hand-built Eden Elan, speak to our experts about designing the smart garden office to help you effectively work from home in comfort and style. 

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