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After over a decade spent building beautiful garden offices, we know the importance of having everything set up exactly as you want it. Part of that means keeping a close eye on new trends and the latest tech so that we can advise our clients on ways to make sure the interior fixtures and fittings of their smart garden office lives up to the superior quality of the build. From smart money savers to smart luxuries, here are our top-10 smart home devices that are just perfect for your high-tech smart garden office.

Smart office essentials

The smart garden office isn’t a smart garden office without a few key bits of tech.

1) Smart electricity and connectivity

Well, there’s not much point in talking about smart tech if you don’t have the sockets and connectivity to power it. So, our first top smart garden office device isn’t actually device at all. Instead, our first garden office essential is to make sure that your planned build features hard-wired internet and plenty of plug sockets fitted around the room. We’d always recommend looking for essentials like this being fitted as standard. Without decent connectivity and the ability to make glitch-free video calls then your smart garden office really isn’t fit for purpose no matter what fancy gadgets you’d like to fill it with!

2)   Smart garden office speaker

When we talk about smart speakers, we’re really thinking about a smart hub for your smart garden office. There are plenty of this kind of smart speaker on the market, but we recommend opting for something affordable that’s easy to set up and can be used to control other smart gadgets, like the Amazon Echo Dot. Compact and voice controlled, its great if you already have Alexa in your house but is also compatible with Apple Music, Spotify and TuneIn to let you pick out the perfect productive workday playlist for your smart garden office. You’ll find it’s compatible with a whole host of other smart gadgets which means you’ll be able to keep the running of your smart garden office in check from one place.


3)   Smart security

All quality smart garden offices should come fitted with quality windows and doors. For us, we never fit less than residential standard double glazing, ours come with the ‘Secure by Design’ guarantee thrown in for that extra peace of mind. But it’s still worth protecting your assets with a smart security device or two. Ring doorbells and connected cameras can be fitted to your smart garden office for a slight additional cost. Controllable from your phone you’ll be notified of any unexpected movement

4)   Smart garden office plugs

Usable on a whole host of devices, smart plugs are a great way to ensure that your smart garden office is as energy efficient as it can be by helping you turn devices on and off remotely, including when things do and don’t need charging. Laptop chargers are a prime example of a device that often gets left on and forgotten. Tapo are more affordable than some, controlled via an app on your phone, and you are even able to track exactly how much power each socket is using.

Smart entertainment

Cherry-pick a few clever devices that will take your smart garden office from a good place to a great place to be.

5)   Smart garden office monitor

Why settle for just a monitor for your smart garden office when your new screen could double up as a decent all-singing, all-dancing smart TV? Available in a range of sizes, and perfectly easy to use as a large computer screen, but with all the usual video streaming and catch-up apps already installed, you’ll have entertainment on tap and ready for downtime. Especially handy if you plan to make your smart garden office a multi-use space. 

6)   Smart garden office coloured lightbulbs

Set the tone of your smart garden office with a dimmable smart lightbulb, available in a range of sizes and colour options. Philips offer a range of bulbs including spotlights that can be fitted to existing LED spotlights, and all of which with remote control from your phone. Putting you the power at your fingertips to change the mood of your smart garden office from work mode to chillout time in an instant.


Smart living

Introduce a few of life’s luxuries in your smart garden office to really take the effort out of maintaining your space. 

7)   Smart garden office hoover

It might sound a bit lazy, but whoever has time to clean your main house, let alone your smart garden office? So why not take the hassle out of the chores and treat your office to a smart Roomba Robot Vacuum. Wifi connected, the Robot Vacuum is smart enough to avoid obstacles, and can even come in a self-emptying variety for the ultimate in hands free cleaning.  

8)   Smart garden office air purifier

The main benefit of an air purifier is that it filters the air around you, removing any contaminants, and thus making it healthier to breathe. If your smart garden office is located in an urban setting, it’s likely that you’ll have more air pollutants in the general area than most. Especially if your smart garden office is fitted with large sliding or bifold double doors. Wifi controlled and with a full 360˚ spin, the Dyson Purifier Cool offers two benefits in one as it also oscillates cool air around the room. It’s the top performing smart air filter and cooling fan, which is also reflected in its higher price point.

9)   Smart garden office kettle

Whether you’ve opted to add a stylishly small kitchenette into your smart garden office or not, there’s nothing better than a cuppa, or 10, to see you through your workday. So, why the heck not opt for a smart kettle to save time (and money) on your tea breaks. We’ve  plumped for the great value WeeKett kettle. Voice-controlled, it stays-warm for an hour and you can even select the perfect temperature for an energy-efficient cuppa. Your favourite brew on tap? Sounds like the perfect addition to any smart garden office.  

10) Smart garden office workouts

If you’ve been hiding under a rock you may not have heard about the interactive workout revolution that is Peloton. Of course, it’s worth noting that others are available, so do see whether they’re more up your street. But from bikes to running and rowing machines, and interactive mirrors, it’s now possible to squeeze a mid-work workout into your smart garden office, whilst still enjoying the competitive edge of hitting the gym for a spin class. Just don’t forget to ask your design team about installing extra strength into your floor, those Peloton machines are surprisingly heavy.


Well, there’s our quick run-down of the best smart home tech that you can adopt for your smart garden office. Of course, there are loads of great ways to make your garden office every bit as luxurious and user-friendly as you want it to be.

Chat to one of our design team if you’d like to know more about getting your smart garden office project off the ground.

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