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When thinking about creating a new space in your home, finding a solution which offers optimum comfort all year round is imperative. After all, our unpredictable British weather (swinging between heatwaves, blizzards and thunder storms) means we need to plan for all occasions, so when we are commissioned to create bespoke garden buildings for our clients, ensuring that we can deliver highly insulated garden rooms that can be used throughout all seasons is our top priority.

So, what should you be looking for in your insulated garden office?

We have been designing and building bespoke garden rooms for over a decade, and the vast majority of our clients use their spaces year-round for work and leisure, so we know what it takes to create a garden room with insulation and heating that stands the test of time. We pack high-grade insulation into the floors, walls and ceiling of all of our garden rooms, helping to keep them cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Our rooms are topped with an EPDM rubber membrane roof, which helps to reduce heat loss and maintain the temperature within the room.

Garden broadcast studio in London - eDEN Garden Rooms

And it’s not just the quality of the insulation itself that helps to create an ambient temperature in our tailor-made garden rooms, we include underfloor heating as standard in all our insulated garden buildings, helping to warm the room evenly from below (whilst eliminating the need for bulky wall-mounted radiators). There’s nothing better than the feeling of having toasty toes as you sip your morning coffee from your insulated garden office in the Winter months!

Garden yoga studios with vertical and letterbox windows

Garden room door and window quality is also vital in creating a space that is draught-free, and our thermo-efficient aluminium doors and windows offer exactly that. With high-quality double glazing included as standard; whether you prefer sliding doors or bifolds, you can be assured that all of our windows and doors have outstanding Uw ratings and include multi-point locking systems to ensure your space is safe and secure.

garden gym with bifold doors in sevenoaks, kent - eDEN garden rooms

Finally, it’s the finishing touches that really help to make a garden studio an extension of your home, and we believe that our plastered, painted finish and stylish LED spotlights help to create a homey atmosphere. Even down to painted skirting boards, the little details we include as standard really set our rooms apart in creating spaces that our customers relish spending time in.

Maximise productivity and eliminate a hellish commute by having a stunning garden office room such as this by eDEN Garden Rooms at the bottom of your garden.

Download our brochure to read more about our specification and price guide for bespoke garden buildings. Or, for small insulated garden offices, why not take a look at our eDEN Hub range of insulated micro-offices, all built by our expert team.