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Home has become the sanctuary, quite literally! With changing work habits and schedules that enable us to stay at home more than ever before, having a comfortable environment for respite and work is essential.

At eDEN Garden Rooms, we will help you craft the perfect private oasis in your back garden. Whether it be a home office to work productively or an inviting den for relaxation and fun with family and friends – our versatile insulated rooms are customised to meet all of your needs. Make room and make time for yourself by transforming that unused space into something special today!

What Is a Garden Room?

Put simply, a garden room is an extension of your home that’s independent of your primary residence. Our clients use their insulated garden rooms for many things, including home offices, media rooms, home gyms, kids den, entertaining and more.

The flexible nature of our garden rooms paves the way for creativity and customisation, allowing you to optimise the space to its fullest potential, according to your vision.

Perhaps you have a luscious, green garden space and want a beautiful structure at the centre of it all, or maybe you feel that a stylish, modern garden room will enhance your property. Either way, the expert team at eDEN Garden Rooms can design and build a gorgeous garden building tailored to your needs and expectations.

How Can You Insulate Garden Rooms?

At eDEN Garden Rooms, we know our clients use their bespoke insulated garden rooms all year round for work and play. As such, we construct our garden rooms to keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the bitter cold, allowing you to enjoy your customised space no matter the weather. App-controlled underfloor heating is a standard feature of all of our garden room builds with high end integrated air conditioning, an optional upgrade

Expert construction lies at the heart of our company. With over 10 years of building experience and a wealth of architectural knowledge on our team, our seasoned contractors have become adept at perfectly constructing and insulating our structures to ensure ideal conditions all year round.

Our process is practical and straightforward. To begin, we pack industry-grade insulation into our garden rooms’ walls, floors, and ceilings, which will retain heat and create a barrier between you and the weather outside. Overhead, we top our garden rooms with an EPDM rubber membrane roof, which prevents heat loss and helps to maintain your set room temperature.

Beyond high-quality insulation, we include underfloor heating in many of our garden rooms (excludes essence). With this intuitive design, you’ll have no need for a radiator in most cases, and can maximise wall space at the same time An app on your phone or in room thermostat can control the heating system in your garden room to distribute warm air throughout the space from below.

Moreover, eDEN Garden Rooms’ thermo-efficient aluminium double glazing doors and windows trap heat and cool air while preventing any draughts from slipping through.

Benefits of an Insulated Garden Room

Enhanced Productivity

Since the pandemic began, many people have transitioned to working from home and plan to keep doing so. However, sitting at the dining room table while kids, partners, and pets create distractions around you isn’t ideal for optimal concentration.

With a customised insulated garden room, you can cut the cost of a commute and retreat to a private space where you can work and focus. Our fully insulated structures ensure the protection and safe use of electronics such as computers, printers, and monitors. Hand-held temperature control allows you to adjust the indoor climate to your needs, creating the perfect work environment.

With no more traversing inclement weather to get to your office, your work will wait for you at your back door in your bespoke insulated garden room.


At eDEN Garden Rooms, we strive to continually raise the bar for performance and serve as industry leaders. Using our unique combination of construction expertise, creative innovation, and architectural design knowledge, we go above and beyond for our clients, building the most stunning and structurally sound insulated garden rooms, to fulfil all needs.

Insulated garden rooms make excellent home offices, but that’s not the only possible usage. The design possibilities are endless—from home theatres to customised gyms to game rooms for the kids, or simply an entertaining space. Our highly skilled contractors will construct and insulate your garden room with precision, guaranteeing a safe, comfortable space no matter what you decide to create.

Safe Storage

While many of our clients use their garden rooms for leisure or work, we understand that some homeowners simply need the extra space. Traditional storage units come with a recurring monthly cost, the inconvenience of a separate location, and the potential for damaged belongings. A personalised insulated garden room from eDEN Garden Rooms eliminates the need for such a hassle, with multiple storage options available

Professional insulation helps maintain ideal temperatures, but it also regulates humidity. Our expertly insulated garden rooms seal in heat and shut out moisture, keeping your electronics, furniture, and other belongings safe from the elements. If in the future, you decide to turn your garden room into something else, you can do so with ease.

A Place of Respite

What if you could have a quiet, secluded workspace at your back door? What if, on icy winter mornings, you could watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee while a heated floor warmed your toes?

You can have those things and so much more with professionally built, insulated garden rooms. Your personalised garden room can serve as an extension of your primary residence, allowing you to create your dream space according to your needs and desires–but it would also be a place to which you could retreat for moments of peace. All typically done at a fraction of the cost of the equivlent house extension.

Floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light, illuminating the room, giving you a stunning view of the outdoors. Fully insulated floors, walls, and ceilings help you maintain a comfortable body temperature, and the quiet of your privacy allows you to de-stress.

Create Your Dream Insulated Garden Room

Our friendly, professional team are on hand to answer any questions you may have, chat through your ideas for your own garden room project, or to book a site visit with one of our project managers.

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