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When you’ve been designing and building garden rooms for a decade (with an in-house team whose combined construction experience spans far longer!) we know what it takes to build beautiful, comfortable, stylish garden rooms; and we don’t believe our clients should ever have to compromise on any of these important features.

From the way the room is insulated and heated, to the quality of interior finish, we take so much pride in our work, and feel it is important to always maintain our company values of creating truly exceptional spaces. And although there is a trend in the garden room market for advertising a cheaper base price (which ends up increasing significantly once everything has been added) we at eDEN take the opposite approach, so we base our pricing on an ‘all-inclusive’ garden room spec, that covers all the important elements that we feel a great garden room really needs.

So, what does an eDEN Garden Room include?

You can download our brochure for a full spec and pricing overview, and, whilst all of our garden studios are unique, we ALWAYS include the following features as standard in our advertised pricing:

High-Grade Insulation

Making sure your room maintains an ambient temperature and is a pleasant space to spend time in all year round is critical to getting the most out of your garden studio investment. We pack a highly energy-efficient rigid polyisocyanurate into the walls and floor, which includes a reflective backing to bounce heat back into the room. And to stop heat escaping upwards, an insulated roofing quilt is installed, along with an EPDM rubber membrane roof, making our garden rooms a cosy space to work, rest or play.

A fully insulated garden room with superior, high performance rigid foam in the walls and floor - edEN Garden Rooms.

Underfloor Heating

Our insulation works hard to keep the garden room temperature regulated, but how do we heat our studios in the first place? We believe underfloor heating is the best option, heating the room evenly from below and negating the need for bulky wall-mounted radiators which take up precious garden room space. Our specialist electricians will connect the room, running cables for electricity and internet down to the garden studio from your house.

Plastered & Painted Walls

In our view, details such as the wall finish can have a huge impact on how much time you want to spend in your garden room. Plastered, painted walls make your space feel like a true extension of your home, so we always include this in our pricing.

Hidden Yoga Room - Swanley Kent eDEn Garden Rooms

Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Our attention-to-detail doesn’t finish with the walls. We install a premium oak engineered wood flooring in all our garden rooms, with variations on the finish depending on your taste. Not only that, but we always include painted skirting boards in our garden rooms – in our opinion, it’s these little touches that make a big difference.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

eDEN Garden Rooms customers can choose from a large range of window and door styles, and our standard pricing already includes one set of French or sliding aluminium doors. This superior door quality is much more stylish than UPVC, and the aluminium powder coating can be tailored to suit your colour preferences. Our double-glazed doors are thermo-efficient with a multi-point locking system and excellent Uw Value ratings.

Yoga studio with corner window in Edgware - eDEN Garden Rooms

Cedar Clad Exterior

It’s no secret that cedar has become a highly sought-after material in recent months, and with this high demand we are seeing cheaper alternatives being advertised across the market. Whilst we are happy to look at tailoring your cladding to suit your taste, we always start with a full cedar cladding, as we really do believe it’s the leading option for finish, quality and style. We source our cedar at a local timber mill in Kent who we have worked with for many years, and customers have the option to treat their cladding to maintain a rich orange tone, or allow it to naturally weather to a greyer hue.

Beautifully cedar clad garden rooms - eDEN Garden Rooms

When comparing garden room prices, it’s really important to look into the detail of the spec you’re being quoted on so you can compare like-for-like. Remember, our price guide at eDEN Garden Rooms includes all of the above features, and beyond this we can add many additional optional upgrades (from bathrooms to bifold doors) to tailor your room to your personal style.

Download our brochure today, or contact our team to arrange a call back or site survey.