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In a post-pandemic world where our homes have become more multi-functional than ever, people are looking at ways to maximise every square inch of their properties. Whether you’ve already exhausted your house with loft conversions and clever storage, or you’re simply looking to make the most of an under-used part of your garden, a small garden room can be a cost-effective and impactful way to add a practical extra room to your home. Designed and built correctly, small garden rooms can have a hugely valuable impact on your lifestyle, and here’s why we love them so much…

Small garden rooms transform underused spaces (whilst adding value!)

You don’t have to have a huge expanse of garden to take advantage of a garden room. Most people have a shady corner in their garden that rarely gets used, or perhaps a dilapidated shed that’s seen better days. With a small garden room you can optimise every inch of your home and create a multifunctional space you can use all year round, come rain or shine.

Better still, adding a practical additional room to your property is an attractive feature should you decide to sell your house. Prospective buyers may be swayed by the option of a ready-made home office, or perhaps a games room where the kids can escape. Whatever the intention, swapping an unused corner of the garden for an aesthetically pleasing compact garden studio will undoubtedly add value to your property if the time comes to move on, whilst adding practical space for you to enjoy right now.

No side access? No problem

Small garden rooms are often built in houses with smaller gardens, and sometimes this may mean a terraced property which doesn’t have side access. Experienced companies like the team here at eDEN will (in the vast majority of cases) be able to 

complete a ‘stick build’ on site, meaning materials can come through the home. Of course there are some limitations to this, however with clever design and planning from an experienced team, most houses without access can still enjoy the benefits of a stunning small garden room. 

Maximise space with clever storage and design

When you’re working with a smaller garden room space, you need to get smart with storage. Whether you decide to include space-saving built-in desks or integrated shed stores, there are plenty of ways that our experienced team of joiners can build tailor-made storage solutions to maximise productivity in your small garden room.

There are also plenty of ways that the aesthetic design of your garden room can make a small garden studio feel much bigger. If you’re happy to opt for planning permission, you may wish to consider an over-height garden room to emphasise the feeling of space. Alternatively, considered positioning of glazing in your small garden room can also make the space feel much bigger. For example, including a corner window for a dual aspect view of your garden, or a bifold door to open the room up to the rest of the garden. You could even extend the garden room with a covered pergola area to create an alfresco entertainment space for summer months.

Small garden rooms work equally well for work and play

Small garden rooms can be incredibly multi-functional and can work equally well as home offices as they do playrooms, reading rooms, peloton studios…you name it, we have likely built a small garden room to accommodate it! Although the space may be small, the possibilities are endless, and creating a tranquil hub to escape the hustle and bustle of the home can do wonders for the wellbeing of everyone in the household. Whether it’s taking a moment to listen to your favourite album, or sitting at a desk to work or revise, the whole family will benefit from having a separate space where they can take some time for themselves.

Small garden rooms encourage more time outdoors

We all love spending time in our gardens, but it’s true that most of us only get to enjoy our outdoor spaces for a few months of the year. Creating a small garden room has been shown to increase the amount of time that people spend enjoying their gardens, and can be a great way to get closer to nature and enjoy more fresh air on a daily basis. 

Whether it’s simply taking a 15-minute stretch between work-from-home Zoom meetings, or taking your workout into the garden, by having a multi-use space in the garden with all the connectivity and comforts of home, you’ll be far more inclined to get out and enjoy the space you have right on your doorstep.

Having built small garden rooms for more than a decade, the team here at eDEN Garden Rooms have a huge amount of experience and knowledge that can help make your small garden room a space that truly adds value to your home and lifestyle. Our range of studios include pre-set designs, or entirely bespoke builds, so whatever design and budget you have in mind, our team of professionals can help create the small garden studio you’ve been dreaming about. Get in touch today to kick-start your small garden room project.

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