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Whether you’re into weight training, yoga or HIIT, the draw of working out your own way in your own premium, personally designed space is becoming increasingly popular. But with so many options on the market how do you know what equipment to choose?

Here, we’ve explored the tech, kit and features you can include to ensure your garden gym is fitted with everything you need to make the most of every workout.

Garden gym tech: Enhancing workouts

Regardless of how you like to work out, there are a few neat tech ad-ons you can make to your garden gym to help you maximise your experience and keep you coming back for more.

Setting up for sound

If quality sound is an important part of your workout, then a smart speaker could be the way to go.

From Amazon Alexa to the Google Nest, there are lots of handy smart speakers on the market that can be connected to other smart devices around your garden gym to control everything from volume levels and temperature to lighting.

Multiple connected speakers can be fitted around your space to give you the full surround-sound experience and the feel of a bustling gym. Only this time you get to choose the music.

If an eDEN, your garden gym comes complete with hard-wired internet and plenty of plug sockets as standard then it’s simply a matter of plug them it in and away you go. Of course, extra boosters and extenders can be fitted so speak to us about your connectivity needs.

Workout, stay cool

Unless you’re into hot yoga (which is a whole other level) it’s a really good idea for your garden gym to be fitted with an air conditioning unit to help you stay cool and keep the air circulating during training.

For example, eDEN offer a high-end Daikin unit which both heats and cools.

Doing away with the need for underfloor heating, it can be programmed to give out warm air in the colder winter months. It comes with its own remote control or upgrade to activating via an app your phone.

Mirror-mirror on the wall

No garden gym is complete without a few well-placed mirrors. Not only do they help bring light into the room, but they are also a great way to track your progress and check on your technique.

However, for even better results, if you have the budget you might want to consider a smart mirror.

Offering the latest interactive screen technology they range in form, function, and affordability, but this is one bit of futuristic fitness technology that’s revolutionising the way people workout from home.

The tools: equipping your garden gym to suit your space

Different gym equipment requires different amounts of space around them to allow you to workout both safely and comfortably.

So here are our recommendations for the practical apparatus best suited to a variety of garden room set ups.

The office-come-gym

If you’ve invested in a small garden office, like the affordable Eden Essence, but can’t justify building a dedicated garden gym, then never fear. With some pre-planning and well-chosen equipment is still possible to squeeze in a home workout into your home office.

There are lots of brilliant fold away options on the market that are worth considering.

Look out for space-saving treadmills that can be stored under your desk. Or what about an easily stashed away Proiron stepper that comes complete with resistance bands for a simple yet convenient fully-body workout.

Of course, with a smaller footprint, you also can’t go wrong with utilising the screens already available in your home office to enjoy a quick Joe Wicks style HIIT video session, many of which are readily available on youtube.

What’s for sure is that you don’t need bags of room to keep up a decent fitness routine.

The compact garden gym

So, you’re lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire garden building to maintaining your fitness? Excellent! Although it will depend on personal preference, with a smaller room, we recommend considering a maximum of 3 smartly chosen pieces of equipment to ensure you can work on your whole body without feeling hemmed in.

A compact multi-gym is a great place to start, like the affordable Marcy MWM-4965. For cardio, consider a slender exercise bike (these even come in the folding variety to give you space for some floor work).

Great for conditioning and stamina are resistance rowing machines. They have the added benefit of not taking up lots of space and are also available in foldable formats.

The hi-intensity interactive gym

The high impact Peloton fitness craze is showing no sign of slowing down. With interactive live workouts available as well as on-demand training, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The bikes and treadmills feature touch screens that monitor your progress, and you can even get feedback on the spot from your trainer. Talk about motivation!

Of course, with electricity and internet cables fitted as standard in your eDEN garden gyms, you would be forgiven for thinking you could just set up and plug in.

However, it’s worth noting that Peleton equipment is particularly heavy and we highly recommend upgrading to a reinforced floor. Something our expert carpenters are well versed in fitting and will be able to advise you on.

The pared-back gym

If it’s space you’re after then there are plenty of ways to make the most of a mid-sized garden gym. A Swedish Ladder offers full body toning and strength training and can be fitted to one wall, freeing up the rest of the room for other activities.

Roll out a yoga mat and enjoy a workout at full stretch. Install rubber matting to hit the floor for an intense workout with the help of medicine balls, kettle bells or dumbbells. Even easier to store would be a range of resistance bands like the ones available from Rogue Monster.

Finally, there’s one sure way to let out the stress of your day, boxing. Bags can be fitted to the ceiling. Many of which can be put up and taken down as and when you need it. Giving you the chance to use your space as you choose from one day to the next.

The building: creating a garden room fit for a workout

With much of the equipment covered, there are just a few essential, and a some not-so-essential, optional building extras that we recommend you consider, to make sure your garden gym is the premium training experience you crave.

Welcome fresh air

If you’re considering a garden gym, then imagine the feeling of working out with a fresh breeze in your face. Most quality garden room designers will offer the option to include large windows and/or patio doors to your space.

Not only is it great for keeping your training fresh and avoid lingering odours, but it’ll also flood your space with natural light which will give your room the illusion of more space and will help lift your mood.

Aim high

With extra-large equipment like multi-gyms and Swedish Ladders, it is well worth considering adding ceiling height to you garden gym.

Over-height buildings can reach a maximum of 3m external eves height which gives the typical internal room height of around a roomy 2.4m.

You may need planning approval to raise the roof, but only if building within 2m of any boundaries. There’s merit in making the extra effort if you’re ever likely to ever need the extra height.

Floor work?

If you’re planning to use big, heavy gym equipment it’s a sound investment to look upgrade to a reinforced floor. This will add strength to the whole building and keep it going for years to come.

For an enhanced garden gym experience, it’s also a good idea to think about asking your specialist about installing a sprung gym floor.

These are particularly effective if you’re into dance, HIIT or any high-impact floor work. They’ll improve not only your performance but reduce chances of injury.


So, you love working out to German techno at full volume, ja? Good for you! But it’s probably not going to be a hit with the neighbours.

Acoustic soundproofing can be added to the walls, ceilings, and floors of your garden gym in the form of sound proof insulation and plasterboard.

Like eDEN, some specialists even offer a treatment for your glazing to help reduce the amount of sound that escapes. It can also improve the sound quality indoors too.

Take the workout, outdoors

Picture the scene, rolling out the yoga mat and performing a Salutation to the Sun in the dappled morning light. By adding a wraparound decking to your garden gym, you could extend your workout area and make the space even more enjoyable to use for leisure time too.

Shower down

Make your garden gym extra usable with a shower room. These can be finished to a high specification and will really add to your daily routine.

So, whether you like to exercise in the morning, at noon or at night, you’ll leave your garden gym feeling great, refreshed, and ready for whatever comes next.

Luxury extras for mind and body

If you’re craving the full luxury gym experience, then you may want to look into the addition of some quality extras that can be installed alongside your garden gym for some post-exercise relaxation time.

From the temporary to the top-of-the-range, hot tubs and saunas come in a range of specs and sizes to suit every budget. And because they’re not limited to gym time, they’re a great way to welcome family and friends to enjoy your brand-new space.

So, there you have it, a whole breadth of ideas for optimising your garden gym to help you embrace your health and fitness in style. For people who love a good workout, having your own unique space, tailored just for your workout style could be just the thing, so take the time to get it just so.

Do your research and find the right equipment for your personal needs and the space you have to play with. Happy training!

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