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Garden offices have been around for a while, but the remote working revolution is relatively recent, meaning that more and more people are now considering how they can create productive, practical work spaces in their homes. And with most people not wanting to work from a kitchen table or a spare room, a dedicated garden office is a great option for those looking to for separation from the home, whilst maximising underused garden space and adding value in the process.

And as garden office enthusiasts, we may be ever so slightly biased, but we think it’s fair to say that a garden office space can have a hugely positive impact on your home/life balance. From dropping a dreary commute to maximising family time, there are so many ways that a home garden office can create harmony both inside and outside of office hours.

Ditch the distractions with a garden office

Home life can be busy and distracting, and whether it’s children, pets, or that pile of washing up that needs to be done, it can feel like there’s always something pulling your focus when you try to work within the home. Creating a dedicated workspace within your garden eliminates these distractions, giving you a focused part of your home away from noise and chores for you to be your most productive.

When planning your garden office, it’s important to make sure it’s a space that is every bit as comfortable as your home, so you aren’t tempted to revert to working from the couch. This means a high grade of insulation, double glazing, heating and (importantly) good connectivity for electricity and Wi-Fi, which should all come as standard with any experienced garden office supplier. From the little touches like planning a tea and coffee station, to more major upgrades like a small toilet room, making your space as comfortable and practical as possible means you’ll be working at your most efficient. In fact, you might just create a space so comfy that you never want to leave!

Setting healthy boundaries between your garden office and home

When we work from our house, it’s tricky to strike the right balance between where work ends and home life begins. And with your laptop temptingly close by, it can become a bad habit to check emails in the evening and beyond, much to the dismay of other family members. With a garden office room, it’s easier to keep work and life separate and to create healthy boundaries for work and rest. Closing the door on your working day and ‘walking home’ can feel like a positive way to step into family life and be present for those you live with.

Similarly, creating a mini ‘commute’ down to the garden office can be a great way to start the day. Stepping out into the fresh air and getting dressed for the office (albeit you may not choose a suit and tie in your own garden room!) gets you into a great mindset for work. You might even make yourself a ‘takeaway’ coffee to enjoy as you check your morning inbox. It certainly beats sitting in traffic jams or on a packed commuter train!

Give your business a professional edge

Whether you’re self-employed or in a career job, there are often instances (whether virtual or in person) where you need to meet with colleagues or clients. Having a professional environment for meetings or backdrop for Zoom calls gives a great first impression and sets the tone for productivity. Plus, you’ll be less likely to be interrupted by parcel deliveries or the over enthusiastic family pet when you’re trying to talk business!

Likewise, having your work files, technology and career achievements surrounding your garden office will create a practical and motivating space to build your business or climb that career ladder. You may work best with a curated ‘playlist for concentration’ streaming from integrated speakers, or perhaps you need total silence, and a sound insulation upgrade package would be a worthy consideration for your garden office. Whatever environment you need to work at your best, our team of garden room designers can create a space that helps you to shine.

Get closer to nature in a garden office for enhanced wellbeing

We all know that being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on mental health, whilst natural light has been found to boost mood and energy. It’s no surprise then that switching from working in a nondescript office cubicle to your very own garden office, surrounded by botanicals, can have a major impact on your overall wellbeing.

Design your garden office to make the most of your alfresco setting, by incorporating earthy, neutral tones and potted plants into your workspace décor. When planning your space, think about which view of your garden would inspire you most and let our designers come up with a garden office that maximises this. Whether it’s stylish bi-fold doors, or a panoramic corner window feature, looking out at a relaxing garden scene is sure to beat a chaotic coworking desk. Be sure to include plenty of fresh air breaks into your work day to give you a refreshing boost whenever you need it.

Create a flexible garden office that adapts to family life

The great thing about working with a bespoke garden room supplier is that we can create a space that works for both work and play. You may need your office to moonlight as a peloton studio, or you could design an integrated decking area so you have a social summer spot for garden parties. Whatever your requirements, a garden office has the flexibility to adapt and change over time, so it’s a valuable investment for your home in the long term, as well as for now.

Multi-functional spaces are a specialism for the team here at eDEN, and with our Classic range of garden rooms you can integrate bathrooms, shed stores and partition walls to allow your garden office to lean into other uses. It’s always worth thinking about how your garden office may need to be used in the future, and our team can design a space that is futureproofed to ensure you continue getting the most out of it for many years to come.

Garden offices are a fantastic option to provide a better balance between work and home life. Working with a flexible team who understand what it takes to create a professional, productive workspace is the first step in creating an office you look forward to spending time in. If you’re feeling inspired, get in touch with our expert team to kick start your garden office project today.

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