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As experts in bespoke garden room design for over a decade, we have never experienced demand for garden offices like we have in the past 15 months. Homeworking has become the new norm, and with it, the need for extra space to work professionally and peacefully from home has become critical for achieving a good work-life balance.

Until 2020, eDEN Garden Rooms had focused specifically on bespoke builds; a niche which suited our expert skillset, allowing us to create incredibly high-quality garden offices, gyms and living spaces in the homes of our customers. However, with enquiries at an all time high, particularly for smaller bolt-hole garden offices, we knew we could respond to this demand by developing a unique range of micro-offices; still with our high-quality values, but built to an existing set of dimensions and specs. So, we set about creating a range of micro-offices that really stood out from everything else on the market, and the eDEN Hub Curve was born.

stunning curved garden office - eDEN Garden Rooms

Design has always been at the heart of every garden room that we build, so even when working to set dimensions, it was important to us that our micro-offices followed this trend. We therefore came up with a unique curved design, not typical within the garden room market, giving our micro-offices a distinct and modern finish. We worked closely with a specialist CNC company to create this innovative curve, creating a smooth, almost tactile effect both inside and out. The smooth plastered finish accentuates this, providing a very pleasing aesthetic for a productive, calm space.

garden office interior - eden garden rooms

Throughout the pandemic, whilst adhering closely to regulations, we set about creating a prototype of the eDEN Hub Curve on-site in our warehouse. With many years of experience in building offices of all kinds, including the must-haves such as connectivity, high quality insulation and bespoke desk and storage space were an essential part of our development.

Fast forward one year and the eDEN Hub Curve now exists beyond our warehouse, in the gardens of many happy clients; one of which is Kate from Orpington, who’s project we completed in June 2021. Having initially contacted eDEN Garden Rooms for a bespoke garden office build in 2020, Kate was immediately drawn to the eDEN Hub Curve when we shared the new concept with her, deciding that the proposition and dimensions provided exactly what she was looking for. Built on-site in just 7-days, featuring bespoke CAD-designed integrated desks, the quality of Kate’s finished eDEN Hub Curve speaks for itself, and Kate elaborates…

Micro-office for garden with curved design - eDEN Garden Rooms

The whole process has been brilliant from start to finish. The team are friendly, highly professional and the completed project is better than we anticipated. We’ve had so many compliments about the design of the interior and exterior. The Curve is the perfect, compact, modern work from home space. Very pleased we used Eden”. 

As well as being perfect for garden offices, we have also seen a surge of enquiries for the eDEN Hub Curve for those wanting a small workout space, and specifically for a home cycling room. With the investment in home workout equipment, our compact garden rooms provide the ideal retreat for those wanting to create a dedicated and stylish exercise space at home.

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