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Home gyms have grown in popularity in recent years, and in the same way that the pandemic has changed how we work and socialise, it has also changed the way we exercise. We at eDEN Garden Rooms have therefore seen a significant spike in enquiries for home workout spaces; from spin studios for Peloton bikes, to yoga spaces and even full gymnasiums.

One such studio is this stunning bespoke garden gym in Streatham, South West London. This client first got in touch with eDEN Garden Rooms in early 2020, pre-pandemic, to discuss their ideas, but it wasn’t until early 2021 when they reconnected with us and were ready to give the go-ahead on their project. Knowing that the gym would be used for heavy equipment and weights, the client opted to extend an existing concrete slab for the foundation work, reinforcing the base to accommodate the bulky machinery. For these structural requirements, we called upon a partner of eDEN who specialises in concrete foundations and oversaw the installation of these groundworks for both the main studio, and a separate free-standing storage shed that the client chose to build at the same time.

Unique garden gym in Streatham, Lonon - eDEN Garden Rooms

As the gym would be used for all manner of exercise, our client opted to increase the height of the studio to 3 meters externally. As the client’s garden was a generous size, we were able to position the studio at least 2 meters from the boundary, and therefore there was no requirement for planning or building regs for this project.

The largest room within this tailor-made garden gym featured a large set of 4-door bi-folds, giving our customer the option to open the room up fully in summer months for an alfresco-style workout. The second room, which makes up the L-shape of the floor plan, was designed to fit both a cross trainer and a treadmill, with each piece of equipment facing out of floor-to-ceiling windows, providing pleasant views to accompany a workout. A combination heating and cooling aircon system was installed to keep the space cool, which is a popular alternative to our standard underfloor heating when building for a gym.

Fully kitted cedar garden gym in London

To future-proof the space, and make it as convenient as possible for daily workouts, a large shower room was designed within the studio, with a double shower, toilet and basin. Waste and water connections were required, which were also completed by our partner groundworks company, overseen by eDEN’s site manager. Having worked in the garden room industry for over a decade, our network of specialists; from groundworks contractors to plumbers, electricians and plasterers mean that we can offer a fully coordinated service, with one single convenient point of contact for our clients.

large shower room in cedar garden gym - eden garden rooms

With two generous rooms and an ensuite bathroom, the studio will be used primarily as a gym, but also has a relaxation area, creating the perfect mindful bolt-hole away from the house. Now that the garden studio is completed, the rest of the garden will be landscaped by renowned garden designer, Charlotte Rowe, to complete the transformation of our client’s outdoor space.

Cedar clad shed to match garden room - London

We built a separate free-standing shed in another location in the garden for extra storage

Our client said Your team have been outstanding and the build was superb, very impressive. I would highly recommend you to anyone who’s interested in this kind of garden building. I will also recommend you to our award-winning Garden Designer Charlotte Rowe for any future projects.”

Cedar cladding details in garden room

For more information about our specification, or to start planning your own garden gym, speak to our experienced team of garden room designers on 0800 0935 339, or email info@edengardenrooms.com

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