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Although 2020 has been filled with challenging times, there’s no denying that many of us are enjoying having the opportunity to work from home. And, as award-winning garden room suppliers, we have seen a tremendous surge in enquiries for garden offices, to help many customers adapt to this new style of working for the longer term.

We are of course thrilled that our industry is doing well and that we are already booking customer’s projects into next Spring, however, with the surge in popularity, we have also seen an increase of new garden rooms suppliers on the market. And, although we welcome healthy competition, with 10+ years of experience building garden rooms and 40+ years in construction we do believe we have a duty of care to help customers navigate this crowded space.

So, if you’ve found yourself looking for a new home office and feeling a little overwhelmed, here are our top tips for choosing your garden office supplier, to ensure you have a room that stands the test of time (and can endure a hardy British Winter!).


1. Check their credentials.

eDEN Garden Rooms have been in business for 10 years now, and in this time, we have built hundreds (if not thousands) of garden rooms of all shapes and sizes; from golf simulators to yoga studios, sewing rooms to training centres; we’ve seen it all. We have dealt with gardens with many different landscapes (quick fact – we once discovered an old war bunker hidden below a garden office site) and we know how to adapt to a multitude of scenarios. Building a garden room is a skill that takes a lot of time to hone, so make sure the company you are entrusting with your money and home have the experience to back-up their promises.


2. Check their spec

All garden rooms are not created equal, and when we set up our business 10 years ago, we set out with the aim to exclusively design and build high-quality garden rooms, using the best materials and workmanship available. This has built us a glowing reputation as industry leaders, and is the reason we are still here 10 years on. From the quality of cedar cladding, to the type of insulation and roofing we use, every detail of your garden room spec will impact how you use it, and the enjoyment it will bring you. It’s no good saving a couple of thousand pounds, only to realise your garden office is too cold in the winter for it to be usable. Here at eDEN, we include many features as standard in all our quotes (such as underfloor heating) so that our garden rooms are always to the very highest quality.

Bespoke yoga garden studio, Edgware, eDEN Garden Rooms

3. Check their guarantee and financial security

A garden room should feel like an extension of your home, and it should last and last for many years to come. Because of the superior materials and workmanship that go into our studios, we can offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all our garden rooms. This gives our customers peace-of-mind, and confidence that their garden room will stand the test of time. Similarly, all monies paid to us are protected by a deposit guarantee, so your money is kept safe whilst we complete your garden room.


 4. Find a local company you like and trust

Whilst we recognise that there are several large national companies building garden rooms right now, we really believe that the people at the heart of our family-oriented business set us apart. From first enquiry to handing over the keys, you will always deal directly with Rachel or Steve, the company directors and their small team. In fact, what makes eDEN more special is that our small team really are family, with Steve’s daughter Mia handling enquiries and marketing, Rachel’s husband Spencer managing site prep and materials, and Rachel’s brother Paul co-ordinating garden office builds, our close-knit team are always on hand to answer your questions. We care deeply about your projects, and we hope that you can feel this enthusiasm when you speak to us.


Whilst demand for garden offices continues, our build teams are busying away on projects all over the South East of England. If you have a garden office or garden room in mind, don’t delay in getting in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to discuss our services with you in more detail. Call 0800 00935 339 or email info@edengardenrooms.com.

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