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eDEN Garden Rooms
eDEN Garden Rooms

When considering a garden room it is often the case that people would like the garden room to go right where the shed is.  If they build a garden room in that location the question is ‘what to do with the shed contents?’.

At eDEN we offer a smart solution whereby the garden room is combined with a shed store room.  There is a dividing wall between the two rooms so the garden room can be stunning in design and practical in functionality.  The shed room will have a cedar clad door which hides it within the overall design and adds to the stylish look of the room.

Internally the shed is fitted with OSB, which is a strong material and you can hang hooks and shelves from it.  Practical and smart – perfect for storing garden equipment.

So, take a look at our gallery to see pictures of bespoke garden rooms and try and spot the ones with integrated shed rooms.  We have plenty of bespoke garden rooms with sheds or bespoke garden rooms with stores.

Also take a look at our eDEN company video, we have information and images on there about our shed store rooms.


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