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More and more customers come to eDEN and ask for a toilet and/or a shower in their garden room. We can easily create a garden room with a toilet and shower as part of our bespoke service. However, considering how to dispose of the waste is very important as it can add considerable cost to the overall project. There are a couple of options you may wish to consider:

1) Link into an existing sewer system in the garden

Can this be done? Is there a sewer system running in the garden? Is it running uphill? Do you have to break through concrete/existing patios? Will the trench dug destroy flower beds? All these questions will help you to work out if disposing of the waste into the sewer system of your home is a feasible option. The cost of accessing sewers, digging trenches, gaining building regs approval etc is around £3k – £5k.

2) Septic tank

Do you have the space for a septic tank? Can the septic tank truck get access to your road/garden to pump out the waste when needed? Budget £3k-£5K.

3) Eco-toilets

Have you room to create a 1m cubed hole (soakaway) near the garden room? Eco toilets dispose of water waste into a soakaway and other waste is collected in the toilet, and either composts in the toilet or can be removed. No smell, no water required. A very easy solution to garden room toilets. Budget £1500.

We regularly build garden rooms in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey for people who request additions such as toilets or showers. Before embarking on this, we do recommend that you firstly consider the waste removal and add that cost to your overall budget. Many projects have been discounted simply because of the difficulty in getting rid of the waste, or the unwanted garden disruption.

Recently, we built a garden pilates studio and our customer specifically wanted an eco-toilet because she felt it was an environmentally friendly option, and very practical in her garden setting. You can see in the below pictures that aesthetically it looks very similar to an average toilet. There is a cost saving with this option too, whilst it uses a small amount of electricity for the fan it does not use any water (so it’s great for those of us on a water meter!).

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