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Looking for a place to write? Here’s how garden studios can make the idyllic writer’s retreat

Whether you’re a published author or a keen amateur, it can be hard to concentrate on your writing without the appropriate surroundings. Garden studios nestled away from the main house are a great way to get the separation you need to fully focus and free your mind to write. It can take daily dedication and many months to get close to a finished novel, so it’s important to get your writer’s studio just right.

From comfort and tech, to styling and atmosphere, there’s a lot to consider. You could keep it compact, simple, stark, and free from distractions. Maybe you want the cosiness of a home from home? Or is it more of a dark, dusty library vibe you’re after? Here are our top tips to crafting garden studios into wonderful inspiring spaces to get those creative juices flowing.

Practical details: writing in comfort

Before we get carried away with the creative details, make sure your garden studio’s construction is fit for purpose. It’s hard to concentrate when you feel hemmed in or you’re shivering in the depths of winter.

Room to write: size matters

Every writer is different. Some need a laptop and a blank room others want space to break away from the desk and lounge on a sofa staring at the sky. With a whole host of garden studios out there ranging in size and quality to suit every budget, it’s important that you get it right for you. Think about the places you’ve enjoyed writing in in the past. What storage space will you need? Do you need a large desk covered in notes or is something more compact more your thing? If your garden means space is limited, then it might be about being smart with how you use it. Write down everything you think you’ll need and share that with your design team to be sure you plan a building sized for the job.

Quiet time: location, location, location

It might seem obvious but to concentrate well, we all need a little peace and quiet. If possible, try to build your writers studio away from the main house. Avoid areas near the kids’ trampoline or where they might be hoofing footballs around. However, if you happen to live next door to a school or noisy building site, all is not lost. Garden studios can be fitted with soundproof insulation and plasterboard, and we can even add a treatment to your glazing, to dampen the sounds coming in from outside.

Comfort: insulating for year-round use

It’s vital that you choose a quality garden studios company, that fit high grade insulation in every external wall. Without this, whether you opt for underfloor heating or wall mounted radiators, it’ll be very costly to keep your studio at a good temperature. You may also want to consider fitting a remote-controlled air-conditioning unit to help you stay cool in the warmer summer months.

Natural break: fitting a WC

While housing garden studios as far from the main house as possible is ideal for reducing distractions, it’s not very practical when nature calls. For your comfort and convenience, it could be well worth adding a WC to your garden studio. While it can be expensive to plumb in a fully functioning toilet, the Eden team fit a popular alternative system in the form of a snazzy composting toilet that requires none of the usual digging. Meaning that toilets, that look just like the ones at home, can be fitted pretty much anywhere. Of course, there will be some extra expense and timing implications involved so make sure you discuss your options and weigh up the costs before you commit.

Budget: avoid breaking the bank

Another important factor to consider is cost. Find a size of garden room to suit your budget. To keep a check on your spending, opt for a company that offers all the essentials included in the price. Look out for build quality, insulation, heating, electrics, residential standard windows and doors, and plastered and painted walls – meaning there’s no need to bring in extra trades on completion. With lots of affordable quality off-the-shelf garden studios available, an eDEN is a great example of what’s available in your budget. You’ll also find the essential features are included in the price, meaning there are no hidden costs, and no nasty surprises.

Garden studios: writing room ideas inspired by style

Clean, modern and distraction free

If you’re keen to do short bursts of writing free from distraction, then simple garden studio styling is the way to go. Consider some of the following:

  • Bright white or light walls
    Make a compact room feel larger by using clean, bright colours that will reflect the light.
  • Integrated spotlights
    Limit the need for extra lighting by pre-fitting all the necessary lighting as spotlights.
  • Minimise window sizes, or include integrated blinds
    Shut out the world and avoid screen glare by designing your room with minimal external distractions.
  • Concealed built-in storage
    Whether bespoke fitted wardrobes or the flatpack alternatives, choose light coloured furniture and shelving with a flush door design to keep the room clean and clear.
  • Compact smart tech
    Minimise visual clutter with the use of smart tech like a smart hub, smart speakers, and smart plugs. Play your favourite tunes, control your lighting, and room temperature all remotely. Amazon and google both offer use-friendly voice activated smart speakers with compatible smart plugs to allow you to control all your tech from a tap on your phone.
  • Corkboard wall
    Keep your notes visible without ruining the clean lines of the room. Cork board is available in rolls and can be fitted to a whole wall for a neat pinboard which can even be painted to match your wall colour if you really want to conceal it.

Eclectic home-from-home

If you’re channelling Carrie Bradshaw vibes then you’ll want to think about using splashes of colour, mismatching furniture, and plenty of comfy soft furnishings. You can achieve wonderfully bright, lively garden studios with a few simple ideas.

  • The freedom of alfresco working
    Including large bifold doors and wraparound decking gives garden studios that luxury indoor-outdoor living experience. Perfect for breaking away from your desk.
  • Plumb in a small kitchenette and WC
    For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, why not consider adding your own WC and a compact kitchenette? That way you won’t have to break concentration to refuel or visit the loo.
  • Wall colour
    Think cool colours like dark eggshell green or denim blue.
  • Playful wallpapered feature wall
    There are an incredible range of eye-catching wallpapers on the market. Checkout Rebel Walls something really standout.
  • Sofa or chaise longue
    For a relaxing break-out zone, look for an affordable sofabed or even checkout ebay or your local antique shop for a classic chaise longue.
  • Thrifty shop furniture
    You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a statement with your garden studio’s furniture. Pair a modern desk with a vintage chair for that luxuriously mismatched look.
  • Inspirational gallery wall
    Contain inspiration for your project within a set of fames of varying sizes arranged artfully on one of your garden studio’s walls.

Vintage reading room

Bring the feeling of a cosy antique library to life. Garden studios don’t always have to feel bright and airy. If a snug is what you’re after, then there are a few tricks you can include.

  • Open floor to ceiling shelving
    For the vintage feel, go for dark wood shelving, and plenty of it. Lots of space for all your favourite novels.
  • Vintage frames
    Shop the thrifty shops for some vintage-inspired gilt picture frames and a mirror.
  • Plush velvet
    For garden studios with that opulent feel, you can’t go wrong with all things velvet. From drapes and curtains to pouffes and cushions add as much as you dare.
  • Dark walls
    Plump for painting your garden studio’s walls in a luxuriously rich tone, like this gorgeous bottle green emulsion.

Much like reading a book, writing can be like a mini vacation. An escape from your everyday. Valuable time to get your thoughts down on paper. From creative prompts to those good distractions, spend time setting up your room just the way you like it, and you’ll find the words flow onto the page. Speak to our team if you’d like to know more about building your dream garden studio for writing the eDEN way.

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