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Like so many of us, pre-pandemic, our recent client Daren previously spent much of his working week travelling to and from client meetings. This would generally take at least two full days a week consulting for clients such as NHS Trusts, whilst the remaining three days were spent working from a box room. With a garden room build slot scheduled for April 2020, just after the UK was plunged into an indefinite lockdown, Daren was able to completely overhaul his working week, splitting his time more efficiently and increasing his accountancy business’s productivity by working remotely.

Daren’s bespoke eDEN garden office was built to fill a space at the side of his house, and was designed to allow ample room for two desks plus storage; planning in the long-term to share the space with his daughter when she joins the family business after maternity leave. Daren was careful in planning the layout of the space, including a toilet room and kitchenette to give it plenty of potential for the future, particularly if they eventually come to sell their property.

Garden office interior with toilet and desks - eDEN Garden Rooms

From working from his new garden office space, not only can Daren now see three or four clients each day, where previously it could have only been one, but he has also been able to extend his offering to service enquiries from geographically further afield, helping him to grow is client base into untapped markets. Daren told us of the other benefits of working from home, saying “my wife works at home too, and it’s so nice on a Friday to shut up the office and switch off of work for the weekend when I am able to. It really allows you to split home and work. I now also have the option to bring the more local clients to my office, which I would never have done in the box room, and I know they will be wowed by the space.”

Garden home office in Meopham, Kent

When asked about his experience of the eDEN service, Daren said “the team were really nice, down-to-earth, courteous and tidy and just got on with the job. Having a company take care of it all means that everyone just turns up at the right time and does their job without you having to coordinate it yourself. It all just happens and then you get a key at the end to the finished room. I would say to anyone considering a garden room, eDEN are great value for money for the quality and having a work environment outside of your home will undoubtedly make a huge difference to your business.”

We are so pleased to have been able to help Daren’s business create an efficient and professional space from which to grow. To hear how we’ve helped other small business owners, take a look at our Spotlight On Small Businesses campaign.

eDEN Garden Rooms - Spotlight on Small Businesses

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