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Many UK properties have permitted development rights, meaning that you can build a garden room without needing to go through the planning process. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule – notably flats!  If you are the proud owner of the freehold garden linked to flat (perhaps it is a Victorian house converted to flats) then you can’t automatically build a garden room. You will need planning permission.  However, over the years we have enabled a number of customers to gain planning and create a fabulous addition to their living space.  Most recently a customer in Herne Hill…

Our customer live in a fabulous flat in Herne Hill and wanted to expand their living space into the garden.  However, the garden had been awfully neglected by previous owners and needed quite of a lot of preparing before a garden room could be built.  Whilst the garden was being cleared, dug down and levelled, eDEN got underway with the planning application.  It need planning because flats do not have permitted development rights and the property was also in a conservation area.  After six weeks the planning application was granted and eDEN were ready to get on with the build.

Whilst the garden was dug down and levelled it still had a natural slope.  Therefore decking steps were designed into the garden room to enable a smooth transition into the space.  The eDEN garden room will be used as an office and features an internal cupboard for storage, bi folding doors, a little window at the rear for ventilation and our standard cedar cladding balanced with aluminium fascias, windows and doors.  The decking steps are a hardwood called Balau and its deep red colour complements the red cedar, providing a stunning garden room proud in its garden setting.

A little note from the eDEN team – we are not planning advisors and recommend that you seek independent planning advice when considering a garden room.  We can help you with a planning application and provide a ‘planning administrative service’ whereby we will complete and submit your planning application on your behalf.


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