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As well as adding value to your home and giving you more space, luxury garden rooms can also be an extremely practical and cost-effective way of taking a hobby or passion, and turning it into a business, all from the comfort of your own home. From artist studios to beauty salons; and yoga studios to training spaces, we have helped endless customers transform their homes, and their businesses, with a personalised eDEN Garden Room.

However, we are always up for a new challenge, and when we met with this local garden room customer in Canterbury and listened to her plans, we realised that this would be our first ever ‘loom room’; a space dedicated to our client’s growing weaving business, which would house her loom and all her various work materials.

Garden room for Loom in Kent - eDEN Garden Rooms

Starting out as a hobby, this client’s passion for weaving had slowly began to take over the family home, with piles of wool, cushion covers and equipment cluttering up communal spaces. As the small business began to grow, so did the piles of wool, and supported by her parents, our client made the decision to take this hobby into a dedicated outdoor workspace. Not only would this give the family more space within their home, but it would give the growing business a space for focus and development; taking it from strength to strength.

This bespoke garden studio stands at 4m x 3m, with a large sliding door to the front elevation, and a floor-to-ceiling side-return window to the right elevation, providing ample light required for the intricacies of weaving. To the left elevation, an integrated garden room storage door was built-in, acting as a shed space at the bottom of the garden, without encroaching on the larger garden studio room. As you can see, the space within the main room was kept open-plan, allowing lots of flexibility as the business grows.

Waeving loom garden studio - Canterbury, Kent

As with all eDEN Garden Rooms, our thread of excellence runs all the way through this project, from the practical underfloor heating, to the fully plastered and painted walls and brushed steel electrical fittings; all of which are included as standard in all eDEN Garden Rooms. Our consistent high specification is what has kept eDEN Garden Rooms a leading garden room supplier in the UK for so many years, and our skilled build team ensure that the finish on every garden room is to the same high quality.

Thanks to her new eDEN Garden Studio, our client has a space to keep her work tidy and organised in a dedicated space, whilst enjoying peaceful and tranquil surroundings when working on her unique creative business.

If you have a hobby that you want to transform into a thriving business, and need a dedicated workspace, get in touch with the experienced eDEN Garden Rooms team. From our many years of garden room design experience, we will guide you through the process, designing and building a unique space that will benefit your home and your business. Call us today to chat about your new garden room on 0800 0935 339.

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